Top 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples For Good

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Stopping Acne In Its Tracks

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There are different causes for acne but hormones are a definite culprit when it comes to breakouts. В Our hormones send signals that cause our body to pump out more oil. В When that oil mixes with dead skin cells and gets stuck in our pores a blockage forms that can lead to a pimple if bacteria is present in the skin.

It turns out that there are lots of beauty, skin care, and lifestyle habits that many people have that can contribute to their acne. В Here we explain what to do and what not to do so that your skin stays clear and blemish free. В Sometimes just a few minor changes can make a big difference in how your skin looks.

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Keep Your Hair (and Hair Product) Off Your Face

Gel, pomade, mousse, hair spray; we put so many products in our hair to make it stay beautiful throughout the day, but have you ever considered your hair product might be causing your pimples?

When you style your hair, be sure to keep the product off of your skin. And if you find you get acne on your forehead, reconsider having bangs. Another hot spot for pimples caused by hair product is the jawline, neck and back. Keeping your hair away from your face will help.

Also be sure to keep your hair off your back when it is covered with hair condition in the shower. В The heavy moisturizing ingredients in condition that help to keep our hair hydrated and smooth can clog our pores. В If you suffer from back acne be sure to keep your condition and other hair products off your back. В Also be sure to wash and condition your hair before you wash your face when showering. В This way if there is any hair product left behind on your skin you can get rid of it before exiting the shower. В

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Sleep On Your Back

Be sure to sleep on your back, and wash your sheets and pillow cases frequently. В Also make sure you have a towel just for your face. В Do not use the same towel to dry off your body and your face.

If you sleep on your belly, the idea of sleeping on your back might seem impossible, but when you sleep on your belly, your face is constantly exposed to the oils that have rubbed onto the pillow from your hair and face. If you sleep on your back, the oils from your hair stay on your hair; not your face. If you sleep on your belly, you might also have the tendency to bring your hands up to your face, which is another habit that causes pimples.

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Keep Your Hands Away From Your Face

What do you do with your hands when you're bored? В Do you rest your chin or cheek in them? What about when you're thinking about something? В Do you tap your cheek or chin with your finger? В Where do your hands go when you are drifting off to sleep? В Under your chin?

If you answered yes to any of these questionsВ then make a point of thinking before you bring your dirty, oily fingers up to your face. The oils and dirt on your hands will be transferred to your face and can get stuck in your pores. В These oils and dirt can then lead to more breakouts. В So even if it is hard - keep your hands off your face.

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Don't Talk Your Way To A Zit

When was the last time you cleaned your cell phone screen? В Do you wash your hands before texting? В Obviously not - right? В It turns out that our cellphones are dirty, very dirty. В Gross as it sounds, our cellphones are actually 10 times dirtier than the average toilet seat. В Yuck! Each time you press that dirty screen to your face you are transferring dirt and oil to your skin. В That dirt and oil can lead to breakouts.

Gently cleaning your cellphone with a cotton swab damp with alcohol or an alcohol wipe will keep it clean. And before you say "hello", practice holding it slightly away from your cheek when you talk. It's easier than you think! В

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Hit the Showers After Exercise

Exercise is great for our bodies, and we need to exercise regularly to stay healthy. В And while sweating is actually good for your skin, it's not good for your skin to sit in your sweaty clothes. В In order to stop breakouts you need to clean your skin after working out.

Hit the showers after you sweat and wash off the dirt, oil and bacteria that if left behind will encourage new acne. If you constantly deal with back acne, use a body wash with salicylic acid to simultaneously clean it and treat it. В If you can't shower be sure to clean your skin with a body wipe so that you don't walk around with sweat and oil stuck to your skin.

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Go Without The Hat Every Once In A While

Let's face it, we all throw on a hat once and a while to make life easy. But, did you know that if worn frequently, your favorite lid is probably causing that cluster of pimples on your forehead? And this is especially true if you use lots of hair product in addition to wearing a hat.

Your head (and forehead) sweats and naturally produces oil, so if you have a hat on, the sweat and oils get trapped making it a pimple's perfect place to take root and grow. But you don't have to give up hats altogether. Make sure you take it off whenever possible and wash it when you can.

Another acne inducing accessory? Scarves! They trap the oil in around your neck and jawline. Stick them in the washing machine once a week and don't wear them constantly.

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Make a Vow Never To Go To Bed With Makeup On Again

We get it - you're tired. You had a long day. The only thing you can think of is crawling into bed and closing your eyes. We've all been there!

Stop making excuses and take off that makeup before you go to bed. It's the single easiest way to prevent your acne. And if you're like us and find excuses easy to make, stock up on pre-moistened facial cleansing cloths to make it as easy as taking one out and wiping your face clean. В Sleeping with your make-up on can also cause skin irritation and eye issues. В You can also easily use a micellar water to remove your make-up, and you don't even need to rinse your skin afterВ

Still find yourself making excuses? Try taking your makeup off earlier in the night when you're not as tired.

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Use Oil-Free Products

From moisturizers to foundations - picking oil-free versions are best if you have acne or oily skin. This means you have to take a little time in the isle to pick the right kind of products for your skin. No more grabbing the cheapest product. (Or your mom's!) В It is easier than ever to find products that are meant for acne prone skin. В

Look for the words Oil-Free or Non-Comedogenic on the product label. And for acne prone people, no matter the age, mineral makeup is your skin's best bet. No more creamy foundations.

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Use Makeup Tools, Not Your Fingers

When you use your fingers to apply your makeup, you're not only getting your dirty hands all over your face, you're also contaminating your makeup with your dirty hands.

Use a makeup applicator, sponge, brush or any other tool to apply your makeup, and keep your hands away from your face.

Just be sure you thoroughly clean your make-up brushes and sponges in-between use.В If you don't these tools can harbor bacteria that can lead to more breakouts. В So keep your fingers off your face and your make-up brushes clean.

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Ditch the Smokes

Didn't you get the memo? It's completely uncool to smoke! Not only that but did you know that smoking causes acne? It's true! If you continue to light up, you'll continue to break out.

Smoking also leads to fine lines, yellowish and leathery looking skin, and sagging skin. There are so many reasons to stop smoking - both for your health and for the beauty of your skin. В