4 Signs Your Vitamin C Serum is Working

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The Truth Behind Vitamin C Serum

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Vitamin C is one of the most powerful ingredients when it comes to skincare, and the benefits of using it consistently are endless. From helping to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, to promoting collagen renewal to rejuvenate skin's elasticity and helping to repair sun damage, the list goes on and on when it comes to results. If you're going to invest in Vitamin C serums, you absolutely want to make sure they are working for you. The key signs your Vitamin C serums are working are just one click away, you'll learn everything you need to know and which products are worth the money.

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You'll Start Seeing Results in Just Two Weeks

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First off, how do we know our Vitamin C is working and how long should we be waiting to see results? Dr. Robb Akridge, Co-Founder of Clarisonic and Skin Expert weighs in on this topic to answer the manyВ questions we all have when it comes to Vitamin C:

"One thing to note, when we talk about Vitamin C and associated results, we are talking about Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is never used by itself; it is always used in the context of a serum, and the serum usually has a stabilizer or other anti-oxidants within it, so it is hard to know the exact results specifically as it relates to Vitamin C itself. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to see results."

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You Will Notice Decreased Signs of Aging


Less fine lines and wrinkles? Sign us up, please. When asked what the most major thing is Vitamin C will do for the skin, Dr Robb says, "Like any antioxidant, Vitamin C helps with correcting signs of aging, is anti-inflammatory and can help repair the skin."

Feeling like your skin needs a pick me up? Incorporating Vitamin C serums into your skincare routine is ideal when wanting to combat signs of aging.

Want to preserve your skincare? Your fridge is an excellent place to store skincare and Vitamin C serums, as the chill in temperature will help delay the oxidation process, in return making products last longer. This infinity miniature skincare fridge from Cooluli is the perfect way to keep your skincare products all in one place at a cool temperature .

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Your Skin Will Appear Brighter

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One of the ways you know your Vitamin C serum is hard at work, is your complexion will appear brighter and have that glow factor everyone is lusting after. Since Vitamin C will get to work immediately on sun spots, age spots, and help to lighten up discoloration from acne scars. With consistent use, you'll start to see your skin take a turn for the better.

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There Will Be a Decrease in Inflammation

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If you're someone who experiences inflammation in the skin such as broken capillaries, with consistent use of Vitamin C, you'll notice that redness will be corrected and you'll start to see your skin will look more even. The anti-inflammatory benefits of Vitamin C are ideal for those who have sensitive skin, or notice skin is dry and patchy in most areas. Since sensitive skin can react to a lot of ingredients, you'll rest easy knowing that Vitamin C is safe for you to use no matter how gentle your skincare needs to be. Blood vessels become strengthened and new capillaries are formed with continued use.В

I've noticed different Vitamin C products can vary in color, what color should Vitamin C be? Dr. RobbВ explains, "Vitamin C starts breaking down almost immediately, so typically serums and formulations have a stabilizer. Once air and heat attack Vitamin C, it will decompose and change the color and activity level. This is why there's an expiration date on the bottle listing when you should discontinue use after opening. Temperature, oxygen and light all play a part in causing it to change color."

Want to address inflammation internally? Try these La Sirene Vitamin C Orange Beauty Collagen supplements to help revitalize skin, hair and nails.

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