16 Short Hairstyles to Flatter a Round Face

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The Best Short Cuts for a Round Face

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Quite often, you'll hear beautyВ advice that says women with round faces should not wear their hair short. That's simply not true. You can wear short hair no matter the shape of your face, you just want to make sure to find the right haircut.

The most flattering hairstyles for round faces are ones that work with your hair texture while giving you the appearance of having a more oval-shaped, longer face. This can be done at any short length, whether it's a pixie or a bob.

The key is to find elements in the style that slim and elongate your face. This can be done with the angles of side-swept bangs, parting a bob down the middle to create a slimming curtain of hair, or by adding volume in the right places.

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Gorgeous Options for Round Faces

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In no way does having a roundВ face limit the short hairstyles you can wear. Whether it's a pixie with lots of long layers or curly chin-length bob, many of today's hottest hair trends can look fabulous on you.

When selecting your next cut, there are a few things to consider first.

  • Typically, your best cuts are at least a few inches below the chin and longer. There are exceptions to this, though, so it's not a hard and fast rule.
  • Many short haircuts add width to the sides of the face. Try to keep the volume to a minimum along the sides and add it to the top of your head or go longer.
  • You typically want to avoid jaw-length bobs, especially if you have a short neck. Any blunt cut at the chin will accentuate the roundness, so going a little longer is ideal.
  • Gentle waves deflect the roundness of the face as well, so you may want to play up your natural waves. You can do this by scrunching your hair as it dries. If you want to boost it, wrap your hair around the barrel of a largeВ curling iron.
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The Sideswept Lob

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According to legendary hairstylist Justine Marjan: "The side sweep draws attention away from the symmetry of a round face while the length below the chin draws the eye down to elongate." She goes on to say that if you want to get this cut, you should "Have your stylist use a facial feature as a guide for where the part should be-the iris or arch or edge of the eyebrow is usually a good gauge. Ask for a length that hits anywhere between an inch below your chin to your collarbone and for layers to focus toward the ends and less around the face."

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The pixie works best on women with thick, naturally wavy hair (including black hair).В It looks good on straight hair, too, but only so long as it's not too fine.В If you do have fine hair and want a pixie, you're going to have to add body by using a styling product. The secret is to add volume on top. Doing that will make yourВ face look longer and, by having almost no hair on the side, your face will appear more oval than round.

Part of the beauty of the pixie is that it defies age, which is why it's so popular in women over 50. But before getting one, know that you'll need to get it trimmed every four to six weeks, so it's a commitment.

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Cropped Pixie Cut

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Marjan particularly recommends this cut for people with angular jawlines. "A side-sweep in the front keeps the cut delicate while the cropped back and sides lengthen the neck."

To distinguish this cut from a standard pixie, "Tell your stylist to crop the sides and back using a 'scissor over comb' technique to keep the ends soft (as opposed to using clippers). Cut the top with a razor or shears for more fullness and keep length toward the front for softness around the face."

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Blunt, Long, and Layered Around the Face

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A favorite of Taraji P. Henson, this haircut can be soft or dramatic depending on the way you play it. "Super-sleek, shiny strands make your hair look polished," Marjan says about this one, "And layers that start below your collarbone lengthen your head shape. I love a middle part for this cut because it allows the shorter layers in the front to frame the face."

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The Lob

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For a round face, the long bob is an excellent choice. It's neither too long nor too short, and the length gives you some hair to play with for different styles-and the ability to pull it back if you want to keep it out of your face.

Try to keep your bob exactly this length, below your chin and almost to your shoulders.

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Long, Bouncy Layers

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Because texture at the bottom draws your eyes downwards, a haircut with layers elongates your face. Marjan suggests telling your stylist to "keep the volume at the root and movement toward the ends," adding that you should "Have them texturize the ends for added movement when you blow-dry."

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A Classic Bob

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For thin hair that doesn't have muchВ volume, the classic bob is one of the best options. All of the hair is cut to one length, though this one is best just below the ear and above the chin.

This is a style that you can change up just by switching your part. Part it off to the side and let some of it drape your forehead or part it down the middle for a slimming frame on the face. It's wonderful if you prefer the more casual mussy style, and can be very nice with natural waves.

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Short and Curly (or Textured)

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Another rule that's meant to be broken is the one that says curly hair should not be cut short. With the right cut, like Camren Bicondova's short bob, it can be adorable and sexy at the same time. To pull it off, you'll need lots of layers to reduce the volume. Marjan says that "Lots of texture allows the hair to frame your face, with a lift at the root and waves accentuating your eyes and lips."

If you choose to cut your curls this short, be prepared to put some work into styling it. You'll want to get some tips from your stylist for taming unruly curls and be ready to get noticed for your bounce. If you're asking for it from your stylist, tell them you want your hair to stay heavy, "to avoid the cut getting mushroomy or round."

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Graduated Bob

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The graduated bob is perfect for people who want a casual, low-maintenance cut. It retains that below-the-chin length but cuts the back just a little shorter. The fact that it's tapered in the back, but still contains layers, adds dimension and movement to the hair.

Bobs of this length can work for any hair texture-it looks just as pretty with straight hair as it does with natural waves.