Spotlight on the Buzzcut

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The Buzzcut Haircut

The buzzcut is one of the easiest haircutsВ to deal with, and for the brave, it's even a fairly simple haircut to do at home. While the buzzcut works well for most men, if you have a round face shape, you might want to pass on it. It conforms to the round shape of the head and the end result is too circular.В

A buzzcut can be almost any length between a close clipper shave to one inch off the head For buzzcuts, the hair is clippered all over the head-when properly done, there should be a bit of a taper on the sides and back. Most people tend to lump all forms of short all-over clipper cuts into the category buzzcut, but there are some distinct differences between each type of haircut.В

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The Burr Haircut

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This is the shortest variation of the buzzcut, and it's probably the easiest to perform at home. This is basically a one-length clipper head shave. in which the hair is cut uniformly close all over the head using no guard (or a number one guard) on the clipper. As with most buzzcut variations, it looks great tapered down to nothing at the nape of the neck. Pairing the burr with a smart shirt and tie can enables the wearer to maintain a professional look. To keep this style you should buzzing your head about once per week. This haircut is also a great option for men who are losing their hair, as the shortness will help hide your bald spots. If you spend a great deal of time outside, sunscreen (or a hat) is a must with this a burr.

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The Butch Haircut

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Like the burr, the butch haircut is basically a one-length all over clipper style. For this haircut, the hair is buzzed to a uniform length all over using a number two clipper blade. Again, this is a fairly easy haircut to do at home. With this length, you have to make sure the hair is tapered down neatly in back, both to prevent it from looking like a home job and because you want it to grow out neatly. To maintain the look, simply re-buzz the head about once every week to ten days. This cut works well for athletes, construction workers, or any very active lifestyle or profession. The cut requires no styling and-unlike the burr-its little bit of length allows some cover from the sun, although you should still protect the scalp from the sun by using some sunscreen.

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The Crewcut

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One of my favorite haircuts, the crewcut (the ivy league's shorter cousin) is clipper cut short all over the head, with a distinct taper on the sides and back. On top, the crown is cut shorter than the bangs with a smooth transition from short to slightly longer between the two areas. This cut can be worn dry, as shown, or styled with a bit of gel or pomade so the front stands up a bit. Because of the variance inВ lengths, this is not a haircut you should try at home. Maintain the style with a trip to the barber about once every two weeks.

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The Brush Cut

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The brush cut (which resembles a rounded flattop) is essentially a crewcut with a slightly flat shape on top. For the brush cut, the hair is styled straight up on top so the hair resembles the bristles of a brush. This is a better buzzcut option for people with rounder faces, as the slightly square shape provides a balance against a round face.