4 Expert-Approved Ways to De-Bloat a Puffy Face

A puffy face is one of the most inconvenient evils. It can't be solved with heavy-duty concealer or a generous slathering of your most intensive moisturizer. The difference may seem minimal (to everyone else), but when you're feeling puffier than usual you see that difference acutely, and you can't stop seeing it. Whatever the cause-one too many cocktails, gorging on a high-sodium feast, or just staying up past your bedtime (or, as in many cases, some combination of the three)-there is a solution that'll bring down the bloat. Celebrity aesthetician Joanna Vargas let us in on her de-puffing secrets.
Keep reading for four tricks, guaranteed to return your face to its pre-bloat state!


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Vargas calls lymphatic drainage massage “a lost art,” but one to rediscover if your face is in need of a little refreshing. To draw away the waste that's built up in your system, massage your skin in gentle circles. Vargas says to start at the top of your face, massaging around your eyes, and then working down towards your jaw. Be sure to get both sides of your face and neck too.

Green Tea

Skip your morning coffee. Instead, drink at least two cups of green tea to kick-start your system. “The additional water will hydrate your body and will flush out your system, while the polyphenols help to attack fat cells and protect the skin against free radical damage,” Vargas says. “Diet-wise, I recommend eating greens at every meal-this will reduce puffiness and bloating, even within the same day.”

Cucumber Slices

Confirmed: Cucumber slices de-puff eyes. “It's old fashioned, but it works,” Vargas says. “And the silica in the cucumber will help with skin elasticity.” Place some chilled cucumber slices on your eyes, and run an ice cube across your face-you'll look and feel tighter in minutes.

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