Saves for Vitamin C Serum Are Up 3379% on Pinterest-Here's Why

Pinterest has a way of cluing us in on some amazing beauty trends and products. Take curtain bangs, for example. The French-girlВ parted fringe is everywhere right now and for good reason. Pinterest was a driving force for this trend, with searches skyrocketing upwards of 600%. (Side note: To see what these bangs look like IRL, check out one Byrdie editors' totalВ hair transformation).В

Aside from the curtain bangs clue-in,В thereВ were also the fiveВ nail polish shades that Pinterest users unequivocally decided were the prettiest ones to wear during the cold-weather season. (Here's where we'd like to formally thank Pinterest users for their spot-on recommendations and beauty tastes. You guys rock).

But we digress… The newest beauty topic that's surging in popularity on Pinterest is vitamin C skincare. The word "surging" is an understatement. So far, according to Pinterest data, searches for vitamin C skincare are up a whopping 3379%. Keep scrolling to learn why.В


We already know that vitamin C is a potent and powerful skincare ingredient. In fact, esthetician RenГ©e Rouleau shared a before-and-after photo to demonstrate how effective vitamin C is at protecting the skin from aging caused by free radicals. "It is widely believed by scientists around the world that one of the main reasons we age is because unstable electrons in molecules (called free radicals) attack healthy cells and change their composition, which causes them to no longer function the way normal, younger cells do,” she explained. Applying vitamin C to your skin, topically, will prevent oxidation (which is why it's called an antioxidant) as well as visible signs of aging.В

Not only that, but vitamin C is also a brightening ingredient. It can even the skin tone by reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Some people swear by it for getting rid of acne scarsВ altogether. (Shoutout to Sunday Riley'sВ C.E.O Antioxidant Protect + Repair Moisturizer, $65, for helping diminish this writer's most stubborn acne scars!)

So why is this skincare ingredient trending now?В Well, it's winter, which means the cold weather and dry air are making our complexions look dull and lifeless (that can't be just us, right?). Vitamin C brings radiance and brightness back to the skin. It also keeps it protected from the smog, exhaust, and other pollutants in the environment. It can also go to work on uneven skin tone left behind from the sun-filled summery daysВ of yesteryear. Perfect, right? Just be sure to use sunscreen with vitamin C products, as they can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays.В

Now that we've all agreed vitamin C is a powerhouse skincare ingredient, see a few of our favorite vitamin C serums.В