9 Ponytail Hairstyles You Never Realized Were Possible

Ah, the ponytail. It is the ultimate hairstyle. The true beauty about this look is that it is versatile; it's both girl-next-door and sophisticated. It's the hairstyle of choice for when you're going for a run, but also for when you want to look polished. That said, it can get a little boring. However, there are ways to think outside-the-box when it comes to the ponytail, because it's not just a case of shoving up your hair in a hairband, oh no.В

From a laissez-faire loose pony to a stunning dip-dyed style, as well as a few other interesting and exciting ways to tie your hair back, we've found nine new pony hairstyles that you're going to love. You might need some accessories and to put in a bit of practice, but at least you'll have a new way to do this classic look.


The Madonna Pony

This is straight from Madonna's look book. You'll need sleek hair to achieve this look, so invest in a hair straightenerВ to help, and you'll want to buy some elasticВ to wrap around the base to create the heightened style.В


The Ultra-Loose Pony

You might think that this ponytail requires minimal effort, and in some ways, you'd be right, but we suggest two things to perfect it: use texturizing sprayВ and the thinnest hair bandsВ possible to ensure your style stays put.


The Pretty Pony

Wearing a low ponytail and want to make it look prettier? Simply add a bow.


The Sophisticated Pony

A ponytail that you can wear to the office. Make sure your hair is well conditioned to pull this into the low pony, and then add an accessory to add some final polish.


The Looped Pony

First, create the wrapped ponytail part (we like this tutorial), and then grab a barretteВ and secure it in place.В


The Dip-Dyed Pony

Not one for the shy types but thisВ blue dip-dyeВ style is definitely more exciting than your run-of-the-mill ponytail.


The Triple Pony

Similar to the Madonna ponytail, this look is all about straight hair wrapped up with material. Instead of one though, you want to make three separate ponytails. PartВ your hair out in three horizontal sections, and wrap each one with ribbon. The top should be the thickest, with the final one the smallest.В


The Knotted Side Pony

The side ponytail is always one of our go-to's but if you're getting bored of that, why not try a knotted version? We've got just the tutorialВ for that too.


The Curly Pony

OK, this is much more of the classic pony but if you've got curly hair, or just want a bit more bounce in your look, curl the ends of your hair and tie it back.В