Yes, OmbrГ© Is Still a Thing, But There's a Twist


Ombré hair these days sometimes gets bad press. The stand-out cousin of balayage, it's a more block-style coloring technique that usually consists of a lighter hue on the bottom half of the hair with a darker look on top. Balayage, in contrast, gives off a sun-kissed vibe-a much more subtle dye job combining highlights all the way through the hair. You might be forgiven for thinking that ombré is just the older, less cool version of balayage. But, over the past few years there's a new way to do it that's way more exciting and comes A-list-approved.

Instead of a classic transition from brown to light brown/blonde ombrГ©, bolder colors are in. Think Gigi Hadid with pink hair (pictured above) or Irene Kim (below) and you're there.В


But it's not just pink; London-based salonsВ Bleach London andВ Not Another Salon are forever our sources of inspo when scouting outВ bold-colored ombrГ© looks.

Keep scrolling to see the new way to do ombrГ©, and if that's not your thing you can check out the classic ombrГ© looks on the A-list for moreВ inspiration.

Bold OmbrГ© Inspo

Not your average redhead, this fiery hue fades into bright orange tips.В

Not a fan of pastel? This smoky charcoal grey is a cooler way to wear the trend.В

This iridescent peacock-blue shimmers in the light and graduates from deep navy to dazzling jade.В

If you're a dark brunette but want to try out a color, look to this gorgeous hot red and purple ombrГ© for inspo.

This tequila sunrise bleed is nothing short of a work of art.В

Looking to grow out your hair? Turn your roots into a pastel ombrГ© like thisВ grungyВ candy-floss pink.

This more muted pastel pink is gorgeous and perfect for darker blondes.

Not into bright colors? This brunette-to-blonde ombrГ© is all kinds of perfect.В

Classic OmbrГ©

Allen Berezovsky/Getty

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson's natural ombrГ© proves growing out your roots can look chic.В

Steve Granitz /Getty

Jamie Chung

Jamie's subtle ombrГ© is highlighted with this wet look hairstyle. We love.В

Jon Kopaloff/Getty


For anyone with dark hair,В thisВ is how to do ombrГ© like Rihanna.В

Jason LaVeris/Getty


Proof that ombrГ© looks great on shorter lengths too.В

C Flanigan/Getty

Emily Blunt

If you want a more subtle ombrГ©, then ask for pieces dyed around your face too.В

Jon Kopaloff/Getty

Vanessa Hudgens

This is what we'd call an extreme ombrГ©, but it looks good, no?

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty

Emma Stone

The slightly lighter shade at the bottom of Emma Stone's hair stops it from looking too one-dimensional.В


Kylie Jenner

Ok so this photo seems like another lifetime ago now butВ Kylie's 2014 blue ombrГ© dye is still iconic in our eyes. Try Bleach London's dye kitsВ to re-create the look.В

John Shearer/Getty

Miley Cyrus

When do dark roots turn into ombrГ©? Around about this look on Miley Cyrus. Side note: How incredible does the red lipВ look with this ombrГ©?

Tristan Fewings/Getty

Ella Eyre

Think ombrГ© can't work on curly hair? Think again

Not convinced? Here's our guide to everything you need to know about balayage.В