7 Office Beauty Hacks Every Savvy Woman Should Know

Justin Coit for Who What Wear

Ever gone to powder your nose before a big meeting only to notice a huge-and previously nonexistent-spot on your face? At work, scenarios like this can knock your confidence, and nobody needs that when they're trying to be a #boss. We've compiled our favorite beauty hacks for fixing office beauty disasters with stuff you've got handy (i.e., at your desk or in your handbag). A quick-and discreet-fix means you can focus on the job and not your grimy bangs. Keep reading for the office beauty hacks every savvy woman should know!

Don't have blotting papers? Check the stationery cupboard. Sticky notes are surprisingly good at mopping up shine and, if used correctly, won't move your makeup around. Gently dab on your forehead and nose, then turn the paper over and check out the results.

Constant air conditioning can turn your face into a flaky mess. Regularly misting skin with a hydrating spray is good practice, but if your workplace isn't conducive to deskside primping, try NudeStix Moisture Pencil ($32). It's discreet to apply and combats dryness in a snap.

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How does recently washed hair somehow turn lank by home time? (It's a mystery for the ages.) Dry shampoo is the obvious fix but requires an empty bathroom to use. Texturizing powder (like Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder, $39) is just as good and can be applied deskside.

Another hair issue that would ordinarily be solved with products you have at home-but not at work-flyaways are easy to sort. Take a tiny dot of hand cream, work it between your fingers, and then smooth down your part and hairline. You can also use it to tame split ends.

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Sure, it works as deodorant in a pinch, but can hand sanitizer really help stop a blemish in its tracks? You betcha. Dab a little on the spot itself to sanitize the area, then use it to clean your concealer brush (to keep things hygienic) before you cover that sucker up.

No matter how much balm you apply, nothing remedies chapped lips like exfoliation. A baby wipe (or alcohol-free cleansing wipe) is the perfect portable fix-the texture is fine enough to slough off surface stuff without tugging at delicate lips. We like Milk & Co. Beauty Wipes ($10).

Catching some rays during lunch is an excellent way to boost vitamin D levels. Catching too many rays is a different matter altogether. This hack isn't the subtlest, but it does soothe mild sunburn when you don't have an ice pack. Lay a few baby wipes over the area-they're super calming.

What's the biggest beauty disaster you've ever dealt with at work? Sound off below.