The Nighttime Skin Routines of the World's Most Beautiful Women

We are completely and utterly obsessed with other people's nighttime routines. This is partly because we're still on the quest for ours. Not only is it increasingly difficult to switch off in this always-on world we live in,В but when we do finally manage to fall asleep, we want to make sure those precious few hours are being used to their full potential. Which means we want to be using the right nighttime beauty products to maximise the benefits of our skin's renewal process. As a starting point, it makes sense to look to our favourite celebrities for the routines they swear byВ because if dousing our complexion in the same serum that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley uses makes us look half as good as her, we're in. Keep scrolling for seven of our favourite glowing celebrities and the nighttime beauty routines they follow.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley told us that sleep is the most important part of her nighttime beauty routine. She also "religiously" takes her makeup off. "It doesn't matter how late of a night it is-or how intoxicated I might be-the makeup always comes off."

The model uses backstage-favourite Bioderma Crealine SolutionВ (ВЈ12) with a cotton pad to remove traces of the day. "It's really gentle and has no fragrance or perfume. It's something I've used for years and years now. I picked it up backstage at one of my first fashion weeks. It's French, and I always pick it up from a pharmacy whenever I am in France, but you can now get it here. It's just really gentle and removes makeup very smoothly," she said. "I think it's always very important when removing your eye makeup to try to be gentle and not rub too much. That way you aren't going to wake up with puffy eyes in the morning."

"One of my favourite things to do-especially when I come back from work or from a night out-is to use the Clarisonic BrushВ (ВЈ125). It's great for really, really cleaning the skin of any makeup, impurities or any dirt that has built up throughout the day. And I also cleanse with iS Clinical Cleansing ComplexВ (ВЈ15) that I'm really loyal to. It's the blue one."

Huntington-Whitely follows her cleansing with iS Clinical Active SerumВ (ВЈ66), "which is brilliant." And then follows up with her facialistВ Shani Darden's Resurface Retinol CreamВ (ВЈ77). "If I'm dry, I might apply a little bit of iS ClinicalВ Hydra Cool SerumВ (ВЈ46), which is a gel-based moisturiser. I don't do well with heavy creams; they break me out."

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Emma Roberts

Emma RobertsВ toldВ Allure, "I use Tata Harper cleanser and beauty oil. And then I use MuradВ Skin Perfecting LotionВ (ВЈ25). This is my new favourite thing that I just got: AmorePacificВ Dual Eye CreamВ (ВЈ121) for day and night. And then this:В Flash RinseВ by Ren (ВЈ32). It's amazing. I wake up the next day and I look like a new person."

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Jourdan Dunn

It was on Instagram earlier this year that model Jourdan Dunn shared both her morning and nighttime beauty routines. On a Sunday night, Dunn goes through this seven-step process.

1. Cleanse: Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing BalmВ (ВЈ39). 2. Exfoliate: Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme MaskВ (ВЈ56). 3. Steam: Skin OwnВ Beauty Steam (not available in the UK). 4. Clay mask: Dr Sebagh Skin Perfecting MaskВ (ВЈ42). 5. Hydrating mask: SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 MasqueВ (ВЈ49). 6. Eye cream:В EstГ©e Lauder Advanced Night Repair EyeВ (ВЈ52). 7. Moisturise: PixiВ Beauty Sleep CreamВ (ВЈ24).


Lindsay Ellingson

Before bed, Lindsay Ellingson tries to factor in a bath. She swears by Dr. SinghaВ Mustard BathВ (ВЈ13). Sounds odd, we knowВ but theВ model told us thatВ "just a couple scoops of this highly alkaline, essential oil-infused bath soak will purify the body and restore a healthy pH. The warmth of mustard gently opens your pores and assists in the elimination of impurities. I like to soak in a hot bath for at least 15 minutes in the evening and then take a cold shower. It's especially great after a sweets- and champagne-filled holiday party. You'll sleep like a baby and wake up as fresh as a daisy!" Hey, don't knock it until you try it.

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Olivia Palermo

When it comes to Olivia Palermo's nightly ritual, it's all about skincare, but the fashion star keeps it edited with only four key products.

"I use Dr. Dennis GrossВ Face CleanserВ (ВЈ25) and SK-IIВ Facial Treatment MasksВ (ВЈ109 for 10) and moisturiser. I also swear by La MerВ The Body CrГЁmeВ (ВЈ175),"В she told us.

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Lea Michele

"Epsom saltВ (ВЈ20) is the best thing I think you can buy at a drugstore because it has incredible beneficial properties for your body. The magnesium is an amazing detox, and it's so good for your skin," actress Lea Michele told us. "You put it in the tub and try to soak for a least 20 minutes at night, and you sleep so well."

So what else is in Michele's nighttime routine? "What isВ notВ in my nighttime beauty routine?! Listen-I don't like to go out. I enjoy a good night out for dinner, but once the clock strikes, like, 8 o'clock, I'm all about an early-bird special. I want to be home. I want to be in my bath. So I love Epsom salt, I love any bath oils, bath salts, anything that's just going to be good for my skin and for my body-all natural. I love doing a good body scrub at night. There's this amazing line,В Shiffa, that I am obsessed with. TheВ Basil and Rosemary Body ScrubВ (ВЈ72), you could literally be on the floor, down and out, and that body scrub will pick you up. It makes your entire body come alive.

Also, before I go to sleep, I always have tea, hot water and lemon. It's very simple: Drink water, take care of yourself, work out and get good sleep. Follow those basic things and you'll really start to see a difference. So for me, drinking water and getting a ton of sleep at night is the best thing because I have to have energy for my days, to work and to be on. Sleep is the number one thing."

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Olivia Culpo

Model Olivia Culpo credits plenty of sleep for her great skin. After a bad acne situation, Culpo got more sleep by managing her stress levels. "Yoga has been a lifesaver! It has really helped with relaxation, sleep and balance between work and social life. And now I can stand on my head. What's not to love?"В she told us. In addition to plenty of sleep, the former Miss Universe uses Mario BadescuВ Drying LotionВ (ВЈ16) to treatt her blemishes. "I sleep with this on a breakout to dry it out," she explained.

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