10 Rising Brit Beauty Stars for When You Need Fresh Inspo

Welcome to Byrdie's Brit Month, a monthlong celebration of all things eccentrically and wonderfully British. From the little-known, home-grown beauty brands we're championing to the beauty trends that Brits will be all over, this is the place to dive into all things quintessentially and brilliantly British.

There is something about British beauty icons that is incredibly exciting and innovative. Britain is a multicultural nation, and its women are afforded the ability to express themselves however they want (and thankfully they do). It's one of the reasons Britain produces such incredible street style stars and celebrities who aren't afraid to push the style boundaries. There are some true global beauty icons to be proud of-Kate Moss, Twiggy and Naomi Campbell, to name a few-but who will join them in the future? Who are the new British beauty icons you should know and take inspiration from? We've rounded up 10 fresh faces that are set to become household names. Each is included because they aren't just a pretty face; they are strong independent women standing out from the crowd. Remember their names.


Dua Lipa

Move over, Cara-there's a new brow muse in town in the form of singer/songwriter Dua Lipa, 21. Expect a heavy dose of sultry beauty looks with a cool edge from the upcoming star.


Adwoa Aboah

Adwoa Aboah is a model with a cause. She's beautiful, yes, but she's also using her fame for good. Aboah is the founder of Gurls Talk, an online community giving young girls a safe and trusting environment to share their feelings and experiences, plus get advice from others who can relate.


Iris Law

Iris Law, daughter of Jude and Sadie Frost, is the face of Burberry's new Liquid Lip VelvetВ ($32). Expect to see a lot more from this young Londoner.



Raye came third in the BBC Music's Sound of 2017 listВ and is tipped to be one of the UK's biggest new stars. When asked by the BBC about a singerВ she wants to be like, the 18-year-old replied, "I can't think of a comparison, but maybe that's a good thing. I just want to be someone new." Oh, and Raye's mane is curly hair #goals.В


Lola McDonnell

Perusing Brit model Lola McDonnell's Instagram feed, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd stumbled across a Jane Birkin appreciation account, such is Lola's likeness to the iconic singer. Lola has a '70s vibe about her that we wish we could copy verbatim.В


Anya Taylor-Joy

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy is a British-Argentine actress with an almost otherworldly look about her, which makes her all the more fascinating. She's tipped to "take over Hollywood," according toВ Harper's Bazaar, so you canВ expect to see a lot more of this face.


Charity Wakefield

Charity Wakefield is a Brit actress and a true English rose. She played Anne Boleyn in BBC series Wolf Hall and recently appeared in another period drama,В The Halcyon.


Lesley Buckle

Lesley is a blogger and ASOS insider. Her website,В,В was originally a natural hair journal, but it now encompasses other facets of her life, including beauty, fashion and lifestyle.


Danielle Peazer

Dancer Danielle Peazer has a jaw-dropping 1.2 million followers on Instagram. The Reebok ambassadorВ is branching out from dancing by vlogging about her life and travels.В Garnier has tapped her up as a social ambassador alongside EstГ©e Lalonde; the pair join household names likeВ Fearne CottonВ and Davina McCall.



Somerset-born "Alarm" singer Anne-Marie is super sassy with the kind of cool-girl hair we'd love to have. Not someone you'd want to mess with, she won gold and silver at theВ Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association World Championships in 2007. Foxy and fit.