Nars' Life-Changing Lipstick

Hallie Gould

I've kept my dedication to Nars lipstick anything but quiet. With every editor roundup, life-changing product story, and love letter to makeup I've waxed poetic about my beloved Nars LipstickВ ($26) in Heat Wave and Red Lizard and described my adoration of Nars Velvet Matte Lip PencilВ ($27) in Mysterious Red and Damned.В

While I've never given up on this devotion, I admit I have dabbled in liquid lipsticks lately to keep up with Kylie and her Lip Kit domination. But now, dear readers, those two worlds have converged in what I can only describe as one of the most excitingВ makeup launches since the BeautyblenderВ ($20). Enter: Nars Velvet Lip GlideВ ($26).В


The hybrid lip color strikes a perfect balance between softness and staying power (think unmatchable coverage and a matte but balmy texture). Laced with an oil infusion complex for an absolutely plush, divine application, the Velvet Lip Glide goes on like a gloss, hydrates and stays comfortable on your lips throughout the day-I'm testing that fact at this very moment-but delivers saturated color like your favorite matte lipstick.В

Still unconvinced? How about this: Each shade is named after iconic venues from the sexual revolution of the '70s. Cheeky, right? The lipsticks come in a full range of colors from nude to light pink all the way to purple, red, and deep burgundy. So, use that new doe foot applicator to feel just like Jerry Hall, Iman, and Lauren Hutton at any given moment. Or, if feeling like Kylie Jenner better strikes your fancy, the beige-pink is right up your alley. And even though they haven't sold out (yet), they're so good they probably should.В