This Polish Model's In-Flight Skincare Routine Is Genius

Simon Lekias for Oroton

The travel beauty routines of international modelsВ are always enlightening, if nothing else. While some would consider the fanaticalВ reapplication of moisturiser, hand cream, and lip balm a bit extra, many high-flying models spend their time in the sky practicing a whole other level of dedication. (They have to-it's part of the job.) Polish model AnnaВ Jagodinzka's in-flight skincare routine is quite possibly the most genius we've come across. Although she relies on the usual strategies for preventing a crap complexion on landing (see: masking on the plane), she also employs essential oils, herbal tea and even Vicks VapoRub, to ensure she arrives both primped and serene.В

If Jagodinzka looks familiar it's because you've seen her in campaigns for luxury brands like Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana. She's also the face of Oroton's new spring collection. (FYI, she's as obsessed with the brand's carry-on-friendlyВ Avalon Zip Top CrossbodyВ as we are.) Being a professional jet-setter and clotheshorse is one feather in her cap, butВ Jagodinzka also runs a chain of veganВ cafГ©s in Poland calledВ Think Love Juices. Developed around the lifestyle and beliefs that have kept her healthy over the years despite an intense schedule, they're proof the model practices what she preaches. We stole a few minutes withВ Jagodinzka, to chat travel beauty and how to look good in photos.

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Simon Lekias for Oroton

Byrdie Australia: Walk us through your in-flight beauty routine.

AnnaВ Jagodinzka:В "I travel with Yogi Tea's Honey Lavender Stress Relief herbal teaВ ($5) so I have that before getting on the plane, and during the flight. My in-flight routine also includes drinking a lot of water.В I usually apply an enlightenment essential oil blend on my wrists, and use Vicks VapoRub on my chest and sinus area. I do this before taking off as it helps me breathe.

Beauty-wise, I apply a By Terry radiance serumВ a few hours into the flight, and later on I'll do a La Prairie hydrating mask. I also swear by Mama Mio's Lucky Legs Leg Gel-it helps with circulation and swelling."

B:В What is your usual morning routine like?

AJ:В "If I'm shooting, I always wake up three hours prior; I like to calmly step into the day. I always drink hot water with lemon, and I'll dissolve camu camu powderВ in water and drink that, too. I take my supplements with a green juice. Doing this prepares me mentally for a long day at work.

Before I leave home, I pack lavender, mint and lemongrass essentials oils in my bag, so if I ever feel unbalanced on while set I can use them. For nerves, I apply lavender on my wrists, or if I need more energy I breathe in some lemongrass."

B: What tips do you have for looking natural on camera?

AJ:В "The best tip I can give is to relax and feel good in your own skin. It really shows in the pictures. To feel more confident I repeatВ positive affirmations to myself."

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