Miranda Kerr on the Healing and Protective Powers of Crystals

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This isn't the first time I've written about Miranda Kerr, and if all goes to plan over the course of my career, it hopefully won't be the last. However, this interview is particularly special to me because Miranda touches on some extremely important topics: Regulation of the natural beauty industry, animal testing, and the idea of a skincare routine that fosters self-love and positivity. Miranda's own line, Kora Organics, is a leader in the world of organic, cruelty-free skincare, making the model and businesswoman aВ fountain of knowledge when it comes to the facts of what is an incredibly murky area. That, along with her penchant for feel-good products enhanced with the power of crystals, make for a crazy-popular skincare brand that team Byrdie can't get enough of. Which brings me to Kora's latest offering:В Noni Radiant Eye Oil ($50). Launched just a few weeks ago, the product in question is a luxe oil designed for the eye area that is actually applied with a rose quartz rollerball (sounds lush because it is, coming from someone who's tried).

So, all of this and more (including her post-pregnancy stretch mark plan of attack) is below. Just keep scrolling.В

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You're such an advocate for natural beauty. What does the idea of “feeling pretty” mean to you?

I guess for me feeling pretty is about feeling happy, healthy, and confident. People look their best when they feel their best-it radiates from within-which is why Kora Organics is about holistically nurturing your mind, body, and skin.

What inspired you to bring a spiritual aspect to your skincare line?В

From my experience over the years, I have come to believe in and appreciate a holistic approach to overall wellness, and the connection of the mind, body, and skin. I was inspired by many aspects from my own spiritual beliefs such as the power of using healing crystals (all of our products are infused with rose quartz), the use of positive affirmation (there is a positive affirmation on the back of each product), and the benefits of aromatherapy. Our brand philosophy is: Feed your mind with positive affirmations and self-love; Feed your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best, and feed your skin with products to help detoxify, nourish, and revitalise.

How does Kora Organics reflect the way you approach self-care towards yourself?

I added the unique vibrations of rose quartz crystal to all of the products because I believe in the healing and protective powers of crystals.В I use crystals every day, and carry them with me everywhere. Rose quartz carries a soothing energy to encourage love and acceptance towards both ourselves and others. During the manufacturing process, all Kora products are filtered and energised through the rose quartz crystals, so the vibration of self-love flows into the products and onto our customers.

I also practice positive affirmations every single day, and truly believe that positive thoughts create positive energy. That's why I include an affirmation on the back of evey single Kora product. The intent is that the vibrational energy of the words will have a positive effect on the user, thus lifting their spirit. It's also a reminder to take a moment out of your busy day to be present and mindful in all that you do.В

Aromatherapy is something else I am very passionate about. It's the use of essential oils to assist with the physical and psychological wellbeing of the mind and spirit. There are many benefits and uses, and it's something I incorporate in all my products.В Actually, theВ Heart Chakra Aromatherapy OilВ ($60) I wear every day and apply several times throughout the day when I need to re-centre-it's my personal blend that's made of Rose Otto, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood oils to empower the energies of your heart chakra.

Kora Organics is such a leader in the natural beauty category. Why was it so important to you to create a brand that is natural, cruelty-free, and produced without toxic chemicals?

Education was the key factor for me. As soon as I became aware about the unnecessary and harmful chemicals found in most skincare products, I searched for a healthier alternative. I also wanted to try and test products on myself (not animals), because I figured that was the best way to ensure the products functioned at their best and delivered the results I wanted.

It was also during this process that I was educated about the difference between products that claim to be natural or organic but aren't-there's so much false marketing.

For instance, some products that are labelled 'natural' or 'organic' come with no guarantees unless they are certified by an independent body, because using these terms on packaging or in marketing is unregulated. Many people wrongly assume these 'natural' and 'organic' products don't containВ toxic chemicals or artificial fragrances, but unfortunately, due to the lack of regulation, this is often not the case.

All Kora Organics products are certified organic. To be certified organic is extremely difficult, and it's the only certification that guarantees no toxic or synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals are used in production. Organic producers and manufacturers areВ subject to rigorous certification inspections by third-party inspectors to ensure that they are producing and processing in a certain manner. Kora products are officially certified by theВ world's leadingВ international certification body,В COSMOS-standard AISBL/Ecocert.

What changes do you think need to take place within the beauty industry as a whole?

I would definitely like to see the eradication of animal testing from all beauty and skincare products. Also, I believe the industry needs to be more heavily regulated so people know what toxins are in the products they are applying, especially when it comes to baby products.

Tell us about your new Noni Radiant Eye Oil. What makes it so amazing?

I'm absolutely obsessed by this new product. It contains Kahai oil, which is a natural retinol that helps improve elasticity and smooth fine lines; Coffee seed oil to revitalise and reduce puffiness; Tomato fruit extract to brighten the eye area, and of course the Noni fruit extract. It actually contains over 100 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. My favourite part of the eye oil is the special rose quartz applicator, it's super soothing and uplifting.

Do you have any other tips for fixing tired, puffy eyes?

I like to cut some chilled cucumber rounds and place them over my eyes for five minutes.

What is your daily beauty routine now that you are pregnant?

Each morning I dry body brush, I find it's the best way to get the circulation going and remove any dead skin cells. I start at the feet and move up the leg with quick strokes, then gently on to my arms (I like to always brush towards the heart). Then I have my shower and apply a combo ofВ Noni Glow Body OilВ ($80) and theВ Noni Glow Body BalmВ ($45) all over, especially focusing on stretch-mark prone areas since I'm pregnant!

I wash my face with Kora OrganicsВ Foaming CleanserВ ($28),В followed by the Energising Citrus MistВ ($40),В Noni Radiant Eye OilВ ($50) andВ Hydrating MoisturiserВ ($60) mixed with a couple drops of Noni Glow Face OilВ ($80).

In the evening, I like to use the Kora OrganicsВ Cream CleanserВ ($40) (I double cleanse to ensure my make up is all removed), followed by the Calming Lavender MistВ ($40),В Noni Radiant Eye Oil ($50),В Noni Glow Face OilВ ($80), and theВ Soothing Cream ($60). I like to give myself a little facial massage at the same time. I also lightly spray my pillow with theВ Lavender MistВ ($40) to help me sleep.

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