The 12-Hour Eyelash Curl: How to Make It Last All Day

Short of the keratin lash lift, few beauty secrets are capable of taking stick-straight lashes and turning them into mascara-commercial material. That's why we travel with our eyelash curler-so there's one nearby in case we feel theВ need for a midday lash lift. Which we often do, or did before we discovered this genius trick to make your eyelashes stay curl for much longer. You just need a couple items (namely a cotton swab and a flame) and 30 seconds. The best part is it really does work for stubborn lashes that refuse to hold a curl.В

Check out the instructions below, and click play on the video above to see how it's done!

  1. Curl lashes with anВ eyelash curler, just as you normally would-starting at the base and giving it a few good squeezes as you work your way out toward the tips.
  2. Next, prep your Q-Tip cotton swab. Using a pair of scissors, cut the tips off. Then, using a lighter or match, heat the Q-Tip for five to six seconds from a safe distance. Be sure to use a cotton swab with a wooden tube, not plastic.
  3. Test the Q-Tip on your hand to make sure it's warm, but not too hot for your lashes.
  4. Press the Q-Tip up under your lashes, lifting them. Hold it in position at the outer corner lashes for a few seconds. Repeat the lift-and-hold motion on the center and inner corner lashes.
  5. Apply waterproof mascaraВ by starting at the outer corner, directing the lashes out toward the end of your brow. Continue directing the middle eyelashes up toward the arch of your eyebrow. Finish with the inner corners, directing the brush toward your nose.

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Credits: Model:В Katharina Rembi,В Hair: Caeleb Michael, Makeup: Sophie Haig, Videographer: Mitch Lemos, Producer: CMG Studios