These Are the Most Requested Halloween Makeup Looks at MAC

In a perfect world, we'd have our Halloween costume artfully planned out well ahead of time with all supplies purchased and ready to go. But if you're anything like me, before you know it, Halloween week rolls around and you're sitting in front of your computer screen at 3 a.m. browsing Pinterest costumes like a zombie (which, honestly, is a proactive measure if you decide to dress like the walking dead). So to help you, dear readers, finally nail down the perfect attire, we decided to go to the ultimate Halloween makeup authority: MAC Cosmetics and its director of makeup artistry, Gregory Arlt. He's shared with us some of the most customer-requested Halloween looks and step-by-step instructions for how to create them (but if you don't want to follow the crowd, they'll still serve as a great starting point).

Jordan Hanz

Broken Doll

1. Apply a Pro Longwear Nourishing FoundationВ ($34) all over and concealer as needed to get an even canvas.В

2. Next, pack on a light pink blush directly on the apples of the cheeks. Don't worry about blending this out or sweeping it back; you want the color to be concentrated! Try Well Dressed or Pink Swoon Powder BlushВ ($23).

3. Fill in your brows with a shadow or pencil.В

4. Apply a white pencil to your waterline and also just below to enlarge the eyes. Apply the same color all over the lids and set it with Crystal Avalanche Eye ShadowВ ($16) for a pale glow.В

5. Apply doll-like lashes on the upper lashes. I recommend #8 LashВ ($17) on the top, and #33 LashВ ($17) on the bottom under the white pencil to get a true doll-like eye.В

6. Apply Redd Lip PencilВ ($18) to your lips and extend the corners up into a sinister smile. Set it with Ruby Woo LipstickВ ($17).В

7. Using your black liner, draw random shapes and cracks on your lips with a squiggling shape to make it look broken. Apply your white pencil around the edges to make it look dimensional.

This vlogger took the broken-doll look to the next level and painted cracks all over her face and drew on fake eyes over her lids (crazy, right?), so feel free to get as creative with it as you'd like.


Brit + Co


1. Use your foundation and powder to even out your skin tone.В

2. Use a blush that has shimmer in it to create an ethereal glow to the skin. I love Margin Powder BlushВ ($23) swept over the cheeks and up in the hairline, '80s style.В

3. Use Motif Eye ShadowВ ($16) on the apple of the cheeks over the blush; it has a duo chrome peach and pink metallic glow. Sweep this shade all over from the brow to the lash line as well.

4. Next, take an orange shadow, such as Rule ($16), through the crease of the eye.В Apply a winged cat eye using Boot Black Liquid Eye LinerВ ($21) across the lids; wing it out in an exaggerated way. Take it under the eye as well into a point in the inner corners.

5. Apply false lashes on the outer corners of the eyes. Then, take MAC's #6 LashВ ($17) and cut them in half. Apply each half to the outer corner of the eyes for more drama.

6. Then, pop some glitter on! I love a mixture of MAC's Gold GlitterВ ($22) with a bit of Reflects Gold Glitter ($22) applied with MAC Pro Mixing Medium EyelinerВ ($14) on the lids.

7. If you're feeling crafty, go to your local craft store and find faux butterfly wings. Cut in half and apply a wing to each side of your eyes with a little Duo Lash AdhesiveВ ($9).

7. On lips, apply Ablaze Lip PencilВ ($18) all over and top with Liptensity in LobsterВ ($21) for a bright orange pop of color.В

Tumblr/Gothic and Amazing

Gothic Bride

1.В SkinВ should be pale, pale, pale! Use the lightest shade of Studio Fix Liquid FoundationВ ($28) or the appropriate light shade for your skin tone.

2. Set it with Prep+Prime Transparent PowderВ ($27) using a fluffy brush. Take a matte gray shadow like CopperplateВ ($16) and contour your temples, under your cheekbones and jawline for a sunken in, dead look.В

3. For eyes, go for dead and smoky. Apply Blackground Pro Longwear Paint Pot ($22) all over the lids and under the eyes with aВ small brush.

4. Blend up into the crease, and down below under the eyes. This is the one time you'll want dark circles!

5. Take Copperplate Eye Shadow and blend out the edges for a diffused effect. Apply MAC's #35 Lash($17), which looks spidery, and apply a ton of Haute & Naughty Lash mascara on top.

6.В Lastly, for eyes, apply Eye Kohl in FelineВ ($17) on the inner waterline.В

7. For lips, pale them out by covering them up with your foundation. Follow with Frosting LipstickВ ($17), a matte white.

8. If you're feeling daring, use a little bit of Feline on the inner lips to make them look dead and ethereal. If you're more into a true gothic look, apply Feline all over your lips to fill them in, and then apply Liptensity Lipstick in StallionВ ($21) over it for a true vampy lip.

DC Entertainment

Harley Quinn

1. Pale out with the lightest skin tone-appropriate shade of Pro Longwear Nourishing Foundation($34), and set withВ powder.

2. Don't forget the black heart beauty black Use black pencil to draw it on.В

3. For eyes, it's all about the faded, watercolor effect of red and blue shadows. On your left eye, apply MAC Eye Shadow in Electric Eel($16), a rich neon blue shade, all over the lids.

4. Next, blend it up into the crease and then bring the color down under the eyes and onto the upper cheekbones, as though it's spilling down from your eyes.В

5. On the right eye, use MACВ Eye Shadow in PassionateВ ($16), a matte mid-tone red using the same technique as the left eye.

6. For both eyes, use Eye Kohl in SmolderВ across the top and bottom lash line for a smoky effect.

7. Load up some mascara, and even pop on some false lashes if you'd like.

8. For lips, smear on that red! Apply Lip Pencil in CherryВ ($18) to get the shape of your lips the way you'd like. Lastly, apply Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Feels so GrandВ ($21) to your lips. While it's still wet, smear it down from the corners of your lip on one side to get that smeared look.В


Bombshell Pinup

1. Apply a doll-like pink blush (MAC Pink Swoon, $23) in a circular motion on the apples of the cheeks.В

2. It's all about the brows and the lash line for this. Arch your brows with a blend of brow pencil and shadow. Fill in your brows with a pencil, then apply a similar shade eye shadow over it. Pinup girls wore mostly matte shadows, so go for mattes when picking your shades. I love Malt Eye Shadow($16) in the crease. Use Vanilla Eye ShadowВ ($16) on the lids and as a brow highlighter.

3. Next, apply a very thick, exaggerated cat eyeliner using Fluidline in BlacktrackВ ($17). Practice beforehand for a few days to nail it!
Finish the eye with a pair of fake lashes. My favorite pinup lashes are #12 Lash or #36 Lash. Apply with adhesive and use a minimal amount of mascara on the lower lashes to make the top pop more.В

3. Next, apply a very thick, exaggerated cat eyeliner using Fluidline in BlacktrackВ ($17). Practice beforehand for a few days to nail it!
Finish the eye with a pair of fake lashes. My favorite pinup lashes are #12 Lash or #36 Lash. Apply with adhesive and use a minimal amount of mascara on the lower lashes to make the top pop more.В

5. If you want to be more of a bombshell, use Cherry Lip Pencil ($18) with Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Fashion LegacyВ ($21) over it.
Don't forget to dip into a little Blacktrack and paint a beauty mark on your cheek or next to your eye!

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.