These New "Cramp Care" Products Are Here to Help With PMS


Around here, we like to tweak Benjamin Franklin's famous quote to "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes… and periods." While some women experience them only occasionally, others dread that time of the month because cramps are harsh and persistent. They cause distracting (sometimes debilitating) pain, which is why so many women turn to pain-relieving drugs like Midol, Advil, and Tylenol.

One brand set out to change that habit by creating two new genius cramp-relieving products. They're naturally based, as opposed to other remedies, and they treat pain from the inside out. One of these “Cramp Care” products is a supplement, and the other is an essential oil blend. Keep reading to learn how these products help to treat menstrual cramps effectively, without some of the harsh ingredients that are found in other pain-relieving products.

LOLA Cramp Care Daily Supplement $18

Let's discuss the LOLAВ Daily SupplementВ ($18) first. These tablets are small and easy to swallow with water.В The brand says they contain vitamins and minerals that have been shown to relieve menstrual cramps while nourishing the body and promoting a healthy cycle (takeВ this scientific study, for example). Ingredients include vitamins C, A, and D, niacin, riboflavin, and folic acid. They don't contain soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.В

Take this once daily to regenerate red blood cells, which can be depleted during your period. Since red blood cells carry oxygen around the body and take carbon dioxide away, this could increase the general health of your cells.В

LOLA Essential Oil $28Shop

Next is the LOLA Essential Oil Blend ($28). Lavender and ylang-ylang oils calm the mind while chamomile and geranium are included to help improve circulation. Warming capsaicin sinks into your skin, relieving pain and pressure. Believe it or not, you literally roll this oil across your abdomen to cure your cramp woes. How easy is that?

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