30 Gorgeous Examples of Long Hair With Bangs

Here's the thing. I've had long hair for my entire adult life. So even though I love short hair, and I often stare atВ pictures of short haircutsВ whimsically, as one might look at a brand-new designer bag through the window of a New York department store, I can't commit. I don't know why, but I can't part with my long locks. There's just something I love about feeling the weight of my hair when it falls on my shoulders, tossing it up into a big messy bun, or seeing it whip around in the wind. This love affair between my long hair and me has been going strong for six-plus years, and I don't see it ending anytime soon.В

The only way I can get my short-hair kicks isВ through booking a hair appointment for bangs. They frame my face and offer an opportunity for change, yet they still keep most of my length intact. It'sВ like they're the only happy middle ground I can find between my devotion to long hairВ and my wanton desire for short hair. It's a perfect hairstyle-especially for autumn. Keep scrolling to see 30 gorgeous examples of long hair with bangs. Just be warned:В It may result in a spontaneous hair appointment (they're that good).

When Selena Gomez's hairstylist, Marissa Marino, posted this image to Instagram, we're pretty sureВ fans everywhere rushed to the nearest hair salon. It was the hair selfie seen round the world, and for good reason. Her soft and feathery bangs are the perfect complement to her big, voluminous waves.

Yep, we've included not one, but two separate odes to Selena Gomez's hair. This is her most recent take on bangs, which are a little more '90s-inspired than the voluminous '70s ones she sported before.В

Violette is a makeup artist and beauty director for EstГ©e Lauder. Her Instagram is rife with makeup inspiration, although I also turn to it for French-girl hair inspo. Her tousled bangs and waves are effortless.В

You might recognize Hannah Simone from the sitcom New Girl, where her character, Cece, is known for her long black-brown hair and accompanying fringe.В

Zendaya is a beauty chameleon. She never fails to surprise (or entrance) us with a new look. We're still left drooling over this selfie she posted to Instagram, which showcases her springy curls and expertly styled bangs. That velvet red lip doesn't hurt either.В

Emily Ratajkowski's windswept bangs and tousled textureВ are next-level.

Have you ever seen curls so glossy or full?В Ciara's long coils were perfectly coiffed, especially when taking her curly bangs into account.

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Dakota Johnson's name is almost synonymous with her chestnut-colored fringe. They part perfectly in the middle of her forehead, the wayВ curtain bangs are supposed to.В

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Lily James has been blonde for a minute now, but we still think fondly on the time she had a full blunt fringe and golden brown locks.В

Here's another take on French-girl bangs. When this effortless style is paired with red lips and stripes, it reminds us of Jane Birkin.В

We love everything about this look: the feathered fringe, the tousled waves, and the golden blonde color. It's giving us majorВ fall inspiration.

Sure, Suki Waterhouse's hair is more mid-length than long, but these bangs would look amazing when paired with any length.В Her perfectly mussed-up texture is so '70s, and in the best way possible. To get a similar gritty and texturized look, try using VerbВ Sea Texture Spray ($16).В

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Anyone remember when Chrissy Teigen appeared on the red carpet at the Billboard Awards sporting these blunt bangs? They're so full and sleek; there wasn't a single hair out of place.

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PenГ©lope Cruz had her bangs cut just above her eyebrows, which is good, considering she has amazing arches.В

These technically may be classified as long layers, but we're calling them curtain bangsВ since they so effectively frame the face.В

Plaid Coat? Check. Perfectly curled hair? Check. Feather fringe? Check. To us, this is perfectВ fallВ inspo.

Here's some more curly-hair inspiration. We love how layers are cut into the body of her hair, only complementing her blunt bangs further.

Yep, we're pretty into the '70s look right now. Can you blame us? The decade is inspiring a major revival in fashion, hair, and makeup as of late.В

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If side bangs are more your speed, then look to Lea Michele, who wears hers in a glamorous and voluminous style.

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Camila Cabello proved long, grown-out bangs are red carpet appropriate, especially when worn back in half-up, half-down style.

Bangs are the perfect way to complement dark roots, emphasizing the color gradient from dark to light, as proven here by Alexis Kooman, a lifestyle blogger.В

Again, this is more of a mid-length style, but we're positive this curly fringe would complement any length. It also inspires us to play with color, texture, and style all at once.

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Jessica Biel's bangs are timeless and elegant, thanks to a glossy glow and curled ends. We recommend using SachajuanВ Shine Serum ($33) to achieve a similar sheen.

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Ariana Grande wore her long ponytail with a blunt fringe to the MTV Music Awards. We were surprised to see the crimped texture, yet another '90s trend that's making its way back into the mainstream.

We love how this style utilizes layers to subtly and progressively transition her blunt bangs to long, feathery strands. We also love that rich mahogany brown.В

Here's proof that bangs can indeed be voluminous, without veering into early-2000s school picture territory.В

Curtain bangs strike again. We know people normally go darker in the fall and winter, but we're seriously considering this combo of platinum blonde and bangs.В

Some might call these short layers while others will call them bangs. Either way, we think they're perfect for people who want to frame their faces without committing to a super-blunt chop.

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J.Lo gives us a lesson on how to style long bangs without looking like you missed your hair appointment and are now you're trying to ignore that awkward growing-out stage. Also, can we talk about those caramel highlights?В

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We'll leave you with Zooey Deschanel, who might just be Hollywood's queen of fringe. Even though she recently cut her hair into a lob, we still think fondly on her iconic curls with bangs combination.

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