Mac Makeup Artists Tell Us 5 Amazing Products No One Knows About

There are certain MAC products that have reached icon status-Studio Fix ($31), Lip Glass ($18), and Fluidline Brow ($19), to name a few. But MAC is a brand that, like Gretchen Weiner's hair, is full of secrets. Beyond the Face and Body Foundation ($31), beyond the frenzy-inducing collaborations (MAC x Selena, we waited for you with baited breath), there exist a number of little-known products that have flown under the radar all these years, just waiting to be discovered. Whether you're a MAC devotee or are have just started dipping your toe into the vast, glittery, rainbow pool of MAC products, you'll want to see the makeup artist-approved picks ahead.

From a magical mixing balm to a perfect coffee eyeliner, keep scrolling to see (and stock up on) them all!

MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone $23Shop

"One of the best backstage secrets, that for years has slid under the radar, is this MAC primer. Not only does it shrink large pores, but its oil-free formula is one of the best anti-shine treatments out there. Working with even the smallest amount can de-shine the oiliest of skin. This product is essential in men's grooming." - John Stapleton, MAC Cosmetics Senior Artist

MAC Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Coffee $19Shop

"Another backstage favorite that has celebrated over 20 years with the brand is this eyeliner in Coffee. It is the darkest, richest brown shade, which borders on black, that works well on everyone. This is one of the firmer eye pencils, and it stands up to wear extremely well."В - John Stapleton

MAC Cosmetics Mixing Medium Shine $23Shop

"I adore this balm-like mixing medium that was formulated to transform loose pigments into a new texture. I love using it alone,В tapped onto the upper cheekbones for a low-key highlighter on the cheeks. I also love it to impart an invisible shine to the lips or even put over eye shadow to create a dewy look while feeling undetectable." - Gregory Arlt, MACВ Cosmetics Director of Makeup Artistry

MAC Cosmetics Casual Colour $22Shop

"This is one of my favoriteВ throw-and-goВ products to literally throw it on and go! It's a cream product that you can use on both your lips and your cheeks. I love using this on clients for an effortless stain on the cheeks like it's coming from within." - Gregory Arlt

MAC Cosmetics Glitter in Reflect Gold $22Shop

"Who doesn't need (or want) a little micro glitter in their lives? I am never without this gold glitter in my kit. You can pop a small amount over your eye shadow to make your lids sparkle without compromising the color of the shadow, or a little into lip gloss to bring some extra 'bling' to your lips. As well, sprinkle a little over your nail polish as it's drying for some extra sparkle!" - Gregory Arlt

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