Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and I Are Both Obsessed With This Aussie Lip Balm


As a beauty journalist, I like to think I'm pretty savvy when it comes to dishing out ace product recommendations, but whenВ RHW agrees, you know you've hit the (proverbial) beauty jackpot. My ride-or-die lip balm has long been the cult LanolipsВ 101 Ointment ($15), and just this morning, Rosie showcased it on her newly launched beauty website, Rose Inc., calling it a hero product (and I have to say, I 100 percent agree). Not only does it properly hydrate chapped lips, but it works a treat on cuticles, flaky spots, heels, and elbows. Also, it comes in a perfect millennial pink tube, andВ lasts for months. In short, it's theВ

Read on for the hero ingredient that makes it so effective.В

The 101 Ointment is packed with hydrating lanolin (the fatty oil naturally found in sheep's wool). Lanolin is an incredible hydrator because its structure closely mimics the skin's natural oils, and it has the ability to penetrate and seal in moisture, unlike so many other balms that just hydrate the superficial layers. It's actually the one of the only lip balms I've found that truly works, and, as Rosie says, it's "not too greasy, not too heavy-just right." Yep, its cult status is well deserved.В

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