Lara Worthington's LA Facialist Gave Us the 411 On How to Zap a Blemish

We've always loved Lara Worthington for herВ creamy blonde bob and her bronze-y glow, but her skin is most definitely up there on our list. So, when she shared an Instagram story of her undergoing a facial treatment a few weeks back, we instinctively followed the digital trail that led us to Molly M. Lucio, also known by her digital monikerВ @skinbymollym, if you want to get technical. An aesthetician and facialist, Lucio is based in LA, and apparently one of the best-kept skin secrets we ever did stumble across (she also treats Phoebe Tonkin, and she certainly has a complexion we'd kill for).В

Desperate to find out what all the fuss is about, we asked Lucio for all of her best skincare tips, and we can confirm that they're amazing. From the best serums out there, to a genius blackhead-eliminating trick, keep scrolling for everything she had to say. Also, be sure to add Lucio to your beauty hit list, should you ever be in LA-we sure are.В

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What's your approach to skincare?

I'd like to say that my approach to skincare is a very clinical one. I customise each treatment to each individual person. I always ask five basic questions when I'm seeing a client for the first time: What brings you into my office today? What bothers you most about your skin? Explain to me your daily skin routine. What results are you expecting to achieve through facials? And how dedicated can you be to achieve these results? In asking those questions, I'm able to obtain an idea of what kind of treatment the client is ready for, and what kind of commitment they are willing to make. From that point, I can assess the skin and recommend what's needed to obtain results that will make them happy.

How did you come to work as an aesthetician?В

I moved to Los Angeles straight out of business school-I had just graduated with a degree in accounting. I actually began working for a very well-known dermatologist in Santa Monica. I started off working in collections and filing, and from there worked in the front office. She saw something in me that I had no idea existed. She came to me one day and said “Molly, you're going to be an aesthetician. You need to do something more hands on.” She trusted me and mentored me through the first eight years of my career. She changed my life forever, and I've never looked back. I am completely in love with what I do for a living. It's a passion that I can't even put into words. 18 years later, and here I am.

How did you start working with Lara Worthington?В

Ah Lara! I love her to death! She's so sweet and kind. Lara was referred to me by another beautiful Australian client of mine, Phoebe Tonkin (whom was referred by another beautiful actress). It's been amazing. I have developed this amazing circle of Australian women that all refer me to their friends and family. I'm so thankful and blessed that she trusts me with her skin.

What sort of treatments do you perform most often?

It's funny, I get asked that often and I still can't give an answer. Everything I do is so customised that it's never just one treatment. I do have one treatment called Micro Bio Infusion-I do that quite often. But depending on the skin needs and types, even that treatment changes within itself.

What skincare brands and products do you swear by?

Now this is just getting difficult! Depending on the skin type and needs it varies, but a few go-to's I've always loved are from Skinceuticals. I love to mix theВ replenishing cleanserВ ($56) andВ soothing cleanserВ ($61) as it makes skin feel so clean, never dry or tight. In the morning, I always, always use theВ CE FerulicВ ($188) orВ Phloretin CFВ ($188) serum. TheВ Phloretin CFВ is better for oily, acne-prone skin, while theВ CE Ferulic suits a drier or more mature skin. I'm also really into the entireВ Refresh Collection from SkinBetter Science. And my pre-party skin prep favourite is theВ InvisiliftВ ($52) by SkinBetter Science. I think the name says it all. I recommend it to all of my clients to take home after an anti-ageing treatment.

What skincare ingredients do you love the most?

I'd have to say my favourite ingredient to work with is baking soda. It has so many uses in skincare, from homecare to professional use. As for acids, I love working with AHA's like glycolic acid and lactic acid. There is also something so amazing about peptides-they fascinate me. Especially palmitoyl tetrapeptides, they blow my mind. The things we can do in relation to science and chemistry are truly amazing. I'm taking a class in a few weeks at UCLA specifically about them, and I'm so excited. In my field, things are constantly changing. I like to be on the forefront of that. It's my duty to my clients to stay constantly educated and innovative.

How do you like to incorporate baking soda into skincare?В

I recommend baking soda as a pH balancer, and to help clear out black heads. Mix a half a pea size in the palm of your hand with your cleanser and cleanse your face, focusing on on areas prone to blackheads and congestion-usually nose forehead and chin. Don't scrub too hard, just use the tips of your fingers and cleanse for about 30 seconds. Do this with warm water, rinse with warm water, then splash with cold.В

Depending on your skin type, try it from two to five times a week. You will notice cleaner pores, less build up, and brighter skin-it's amazing.В

What does your morning skincare routine look like?В В

My morning routine is very simple. I use myВ Skinceuticals mixture to cleanse. I always cleanse with warm water, rinse with warm, and then splash with cold water and pat dry. Then myВ Phloretin CFВ ($188) to the lower half of the face andВ CE FerulicВ ($188) to the upper half. Then some SPF, and I'm done.

What about evening?

Evening is just as simple. I'll cleanse with just some warm water and a washcloth then splash with cold water. I like to treat myself at work at the end of the day, so depending on what I'm doing during the day will depend on what I do for my skin.

What is the biggest skin mistake you most often see people making?

Oh my goodness, over exfoliation! Everyone seems to love to exfoliate. There's good exfoliants and bad ones, but please, consult your aesthetician. Over exfoliation can be the single problem to all of your skin worries.

What's the best way to deal with a blemish?В

This is my most common 911 text from clients, especially before big events. Depending on how much time you have, it varies. If it's red, swollen, and painful, a cold compress is best-it's going to help calm the redness and inflammation. If it's red and about to come to a head, I recommend a warm compress with some steam if you can. That will help the head come out in full, and possibly break open. At that point you can drain by massaging around the blemish. Follow with a cold compress to calm it. If you have time, see your dermatologist and get a cyst injection (also known as a cortisone injection). That will help it go away within 24 hours. The ideal treatment is for my clients to come in, I'll do my bit, have a nurse inject the blemish, and then I'll pop them under an LED light. By the evening, it will be better, if not completely gone.