Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Beauty Transformation Deserves a Second Look

Lady Gaga'sВ Super BowlВ beauty lookВ was as iconically "Gaga"В as her performance-outrageous, over the top, and absolutely dazzling. Though the singer has taken on a more subdued, even natural, approach to beauty as of late, sheВ returned to her rootsВ Sunday night as she took us all on a trip down memory lane with a back-to-back lineup of her biggest hits.

One of the most impressiveВ aspects of Gaga'sВ beauty look was how it completely transformed mid-performance. In true Lady GagaВ fashion, she descended into the stadium wearing a cherryВ red lip-Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip CrГЁme Lipstick in DashingВ ($30)-paired with a crystal-studded mask as sparkling as her bedazzled one-piece. The bold mask-complete with ruby-colored rhinestones that decorated her lids up to her brows and winged out below her lash line-adorned her eyes as she ruled the stage during the upbeat hitsВ "Born This Way," "Telephone," and "Just Dance." But when Gaga took a seat at a piano to sing "Million Reasons," theВ slower single off her latest release,В Joanne, she suddenly sported aВ more classic look.

Jeff Kravitz/Getty

The sparkling winged mask disappeared without a trace to reveal a clean black-lined cat eye-Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc'er Precision Pen Liquid Eyeliner in BlacquerВ ($30)-andВ smoky lavender lid with not a single eyelash out of place. We may need to check the slow-mo footage to discover exactly when Gaga stealthily pulled off the mask, but the abrupt differenceВ worked perfectly to transition the performance andВ also beautifully showcased both classic and current Gaga aesthetics.

Kevin Mazur/Getty

According to makeup artist Sarah Tanno, the mask was a decal made of crystals that Lady Gaga was able to quickly peel off and get on with the show. "My inspiration for Gaga's makeup look was… Gaga," Tanno told Allure. "I looked at every era from her career and created something that felt iconic to Gaga and just elevated it into something new. I wanted her to be able to look back at this 10 years from now and have it feel timeless."

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