I Hated Cushion Foundations Until This One Changed My Mind


I have always been the type to gravitate towards natural, dewy coverage, so when the cushion foundation trend took off a few years back, I was excited. I tried every formula could get my hands on, only to find that most were either too sheer (like wearing nothing), too pink for my warm-toned complexion, or only contained enough product for a few weeks worth of applications.В

Essentially, I gave up and decided they weren't for me. Fast forward to a few weeks back when I tried a new cushion compact offering from luxe brand La Prairie. OhВ boy did I eat my words. It was perfect in every sense of the word. Great coverage (but not too much), easy to use, and aВ healthy, glossy finish that made me feel like Bella Hadid. In a word, it was incredible, and forced me to revoke every negative thing I had ever said about cushion compacts.В

La Pairie Skin Caviar Essence-In-Foundation $205Shop

Silky and hydrating, I found that for a cushion, it has some seriously impressive coverage. It covered blemishes and redness easily, but still let my natural skin texture shine through (which I loved). I only needed the smallest amount to cover my entire complexion (because of the fluid consistency, it spreads easily), and it left my skin glowy, even, and hydrated. While it's pricey ($205 a pop isn't cheap when it comesВ to foundation), the skincare benefits make it worth it. It's souped-up with caviar water and SPF to hydrate and protect, meaning shiny, healthy skin is a cinch. Put it this way-I've skipped out on myВ It Cosmetics CC Cream forВ three weeks in favor of this cushion. Real talk.В