This Insane Korean Gadget "Vacuums" Pores to Obliterate Blackheads


There's a new K-beauty skincare craze making us want to catch a flight to Seoul. It's called the "Aqua Peel" and according to Refinery29, the 15-minuteВ pore-vacuuming procedure clears skin of impurities and, yes, obliterates blackheads. The process begins with toner-soaked gauze strips placed on the skin to loosen sebum, followed by a wand that pushes chemical exfoliators into the skin and then sucks them up, along with dead skin and whatever gunk is hanging out in your pores. The grossest slash satisfying part about the weird process is that afterward, you can see the sebum and gunk that was calling your pores home in the tank that collects the debris.В

While this procedure isn't available at your average U.S. spa, there is a similar option that many dermatologists offer (and the Olsen twins happen to love). The editor-favorite procedure is called SilkPeel, and it's been around forВ about 10В years so you know it's the real deal. Not to be confused with microdermabrasion, the "dermalinfusion" process works similar to the K-beauty version to exfoliate skin with a noninvasive diamond tip and infuses a cocktail of custom-blended serums using pressure from the wand. The process takes about 30 minutes, and you can see results immediately whether your concern is acne, aging, or hyperpigmentation (you can also get a glance at the icky sebum collection afterward). At up to $175 per session, the recommended four to six treatments, while totally worth the splurge, can add up quickly. Then again, you can always go the wallet-friendly route and go for a classic, tried-and-true at-home option like Biore Deep Cleansing Nose Pore StripsВ ($6). Either way, the quest for clear skin is a never-ending road of choices, but the pore-vacuuming solutions seem to be doing the trick.

Check out the Aqua Peel in action below-it's pretty impressive.

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