This Mask Gave Me Lips Like Hailey Baldwin, and I'm Not Mad About It

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I honestly didn't know I needed the KNC BeautyВ lip mask in my life until I tried one. For the greater part of my makeup-wearing years, my lips have seen nothing but Lano 101 OintmentВ ($15), and a little bit of Charlotte TilburyВ lipstick when I'm feeling fancy-that's it. Don't get me wrong, I'm the first one to slap onВ aВ face mask whilst watching the latest installment of Riverdale, but a lip mask? It just seemed too extra (hey, I'm busy). But, the day I placed that collagen-infused rubber sheet on my mouth, my life (and pout) changed forever. Keep reading to find out why, and ready your credit card, because you'll likely place an order at the end.В

KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask 10 Pack $58Shop

I actually bought one for the first time in a quirky K-beauty shop a few years ago. I'd read about the hype on the internet, and the less-than-ten-dollar price tag made it a justifiable impulse buy (or so I told myself). I was sceptical a lip mask could actually produce any noticeable results worth remaining motionless for a period of time, but I gave it a red hot go nonetheless.В

Application is simple-you just place it over your lips. I found it covered most of my chin and upper lip too, which is great if you suffer from fine lines, thus bleeding lipstick. You wear it for around 15 minutes, and then remove (patting in the excess). The finished product was pretty damn spectacular. My lips were fuller than usual, smooth, and had that soft, pillowy look I thought was only possible for theВ Hailey Baldwin's of the world. Lipstick went on like a dream, and my lips stayed full for hours following.В

Because it's packed with hyaluronic acid, the mask draws moisture to the lip area, resulting in a plumper, more hydrated pout. Collagen is the other star, working to fill and plump.В

I now keep a healthy stash on hand for any time I have a big event, or want to wear a really bold lip. I actually find if you buff with a washcloth first, apply the mask, and then go in with Charlotte Tilbury'sВ Pillowtalk lipstickВ ($49) andВ lip linerВ ($35) duo, you will 100 percent look as if you've had expensive fillers (in the best possible way).В

So, my consensus? This lip mask is most definitely a necessary step in your routine.В