The Skincare Product You Should Use in July, According to Astrology

With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA,В Rose TheodoraВ is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using-consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.


JulyВ ||В Eclipses: When your life is fated and your best remedy is self-care and surrender.В

July 9:В Venus enters Virgo's domain,В when we find harmony in the details, in discernment, and in love that's more service oriented.В В

July 10: Jupiter no longer retrograde,В turning all of that growth outward-expect movement, results, luck, joy, and travel.В В

July 12: New Moon, partial solarВ eclipse in Cancer. Allow your feelings to direct your course of action. Transformation is key-so is surrendering to resistance. Allow deep-seated fears to turn into something more constructive.В

July 22: The Sun enters Leo, making it officially Leo season!В Wish all of your Leo friends a happy birthday this month! All of us find more joy in the creative process and seek pleasure rather than serious contemplation. Our makeup bags become way more colorful!В

July 26: Mercury retrograde in the sign Leo.В Focus on beautifying your mind. You know the drill: no new things, contracts, or people-only old, unresolved things.В В

July 27: Total full-moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius,В needing an emotional outlet and a hefty dose of rebellion. Patience is key with this eclipse, and you'll need to let go of that "I'm different" attitude and "no one sees my vision" ideology in exchange for a more positive self-acceptance one.В

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Aries: Resourcefulness

July will be focused on redistributing your focus. Over the past four months, since Jupiter has been retrograde, you've been recalibrating your financial and emotional resources and finding healthier ways of distributing your energy. With your ruling planet Mars still retrograde, paired with the lunarВ eclipse on the 27th, you'll be put to the test to let go of friends or social circles that have been draining you. Mercury retrograde paired with theВ sun July 22 through July 26В inspires you to focus more on yourself. Your skin will have flare-ups due to being emotionally overextended. Hydration is key for you in July.В Opt for a hydrating mist, like Eve LomВ Radiance Mist ($45), to keep your skin glowing throughout the day.

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Taurus: Relationships

Let your ambitious goals take a back seat this month, and instead, focus on nurturing communication in relationships-more heart. Jupiter goes direct in your relationship house, where it has been retrograde for the past four months. Now, the new moon onВ July 12В will give you a big communication boost. The lunar eclipse onВ July 27, paired with Mercury retrograde onВ July 26,В present you with a decision related to career and home. Be willing to listen to your emotions to help you navigate these areas. Glowing skin in July is dependent upon your will to curb sweet cravings-more fruit and veggies this month! Try Moon JuiceВ Beauty Dust ($38), which is full of mood-boosting adaptogens and skin-loving pearl powder.

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Gemini: The Present

A lover of travel, gossip, trends, and people, you love to be on the move and have a hard time standing still. July for you is about savoring the moment. Jupiter awakens your vitality despite Mars being retrograde in your social circle (which means friends likely irritating you or pulling out of plans at the last moment) and paired with the partial solar eclipse onВ July 12,В you're given a big career boost! Stay present and focus on the now rather than future travel or who's doing what. Mercury retrograde delays yourВ plans a bit. Your skin is sensitive to your subconscious fears this month, so deep breathingВ and letting go are key.В Try a calming serum, like Dr.В Barbara SturmВ Calming Serum ($250), to keep your skin in check.

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Cancer: Expression

July is more about you getting in touch with your own ability to create your reality and relying less on the help of others. Mercury retrograde and the lunar eclipseВ July 26В and 27В align thingsВ so that you can rethink your independence. Questions to contemplate in July: What is your most innocent desire to experience? What intense experiences do you want to have? Your life is transforming, and you'll feel the July new moon partial solar eclipse big time as it shakes up your perspective and partnerships-again, inspiring you to think more about yourself. Your skin in July is dependent upon rest: Take it easy and get as much sleep as you can with a soothing eye mask, like SlipВ Sleepmask ($50).

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Leo: Foundations

Happy birthday, Leo! It's your birthday season and both the sun and Venus are in your sign right now, making all things glowingly bright. Mercury goes retrograde in your sign onВ July 26, the day before the lunarВ eclipse, opposite your sign in Aquarius. If you're born betweenВ July 22 and July 26,В you'll feel this more than other Leos, in which case you'll need to refocus your attention to yourself. Mercury retrograde in your sign means it's time to rethink your strategy and temper your actions involving others. The good thing about this month is that things can come back to you that were lost or owed to you (karma-wise, too). A raise, old friends, new opportunities that seemed promising in the past all come back to you now-stay open to them. This month, a good body highlighter, like Sol de Janeiro Glow Oil ($35), helps you glow as much outwardly as you feel on the inside.

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Virgo: Health

You, more than other signs, are concerned with health: diet, body image, the way that things are communicated and even executed. You are straight to the point and have little room for BS. When Jupiter goes direct onВ July 10,В your mind will be ignited in the most positive sense; however, the lunarВ eclipse onВ July 27В and Mercury retrograde onВ July 26В bring up unexpected schedule or health issues that you hadn't anticipated. Take extra care of yourself near the end of the month and get plenty of rest. Your mode in July needs to be self-reflection, spiritual indulgence, and letting go of an over-rigid routine in favor of honoring your emotions more. Your skin could experience a little irritation related to your overlyВ sensitive digestive system. Deep breathing is more than a skin booster this month-it's a lifesaver.В Try putting a couple of drops of eucalyptus essential in a diffuser like VitruviВ Porcelain OilВ Diffuser ($119).

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Libra: Money

Jupiter goes direct after spending the last four months pulling away from Earth, which has impacted the way you spend money and feel about yourself-the two are interrelated in astrology. When it goes direct onВ July 10,В expect to get a big self-esteem boost, clarity, and, even more, money. The eclipses are reworking your vocation, staying focused more on being motivated by your feelings and less by your ideas. Mercury retrograde wants you to slow down and focus more on career goals. Your skin is related to your psychological state this month. Opt for deep cleansing masks, like Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask ($49), and try coral or pink makeupВ to feel and look your best.В

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Scorpio: Movement

Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is in your sign. Think about how much your life has changed only since November. A ton, right? Things have been a little slower since March as a result of Jupiter going retrograde, but that's about to change on July 10В when it wakes up again and takes this idle period outward; in short, all that inner growth you've cultivated is solid now, and you're ready to move on and to share your wisdom with the world. Mercury retrograde allows contracts and news that you've been waiting on to finally come forward. So for you, July is about letting the past six months catch up to you. Expect to feel more positive, but know that Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Neptune are all retrograde, asking you to be a just a bit more patient. Burn an amber- and wood-infused candle, like Burkelman Night Moves ($38), to remind you to let go, to trust, and that you're safe-to cultivate deeper inner peace. When you feel good, you look good.В

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Sagittarius: Preparation

This isn't anything new-you've been through the ringer the past four months, although the past six months, things have felt brighter. Jupiter, your governing planet, wakes up after a four-month slumber onВ July 10В but says to continue to cultivate your intuition and spiritual wisdom. This time in your life is prepping you for fall, when Jupiter crosses your ascendant, so regardless of how impatient you feel now, know that there truly is something brighter on the horizon. With Mercury retrograde and the eclipses, you're still being asked to sort out the details and to reflect a bit more. In regard to your beauty routine, you'll want to focus on doing more-try a gemstone-infused mask, like HerbivoreВ Brighten Instant Glow Mask ($48).

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Capricorn: Letting Go

Being the authoritarian that you are, you hate to surrender to the recommendations of others. However, July asks that you make an extra effort. Jupiter direct and the solarВ eclipse onВ July 12 align to give your social and romantic circles a big boost. Make socializing a priority in July, and let go of being overprotective of your vulnerability. Opening yourself to others takes work and that's what you'll need to focus on this month to align with the coming months. Skin, hair, and bones are all ruled by your sign, Capricorn, and with Pluto currently in your sign opposite the partial solar eclipse onВ July 12,В you'll want to use a repairing mask, like Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask ($72),В to keep your skin clear-it's transforming and adapting to your environment, just like you.В В

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Aquarius: Expression

Remember that Mars is still retrograde in your sign, so expect to feel low-energy or not your usual proactive self. It's okay-you're being pushed to rest more. Jupiter direct (July 10) paired with the partial solar eclipse onВ July 12В is reigniting your career and giving you a huge boost-things might have felt quiet for the past four months, but now they will start to move again. With Mercury retrograde in Leo, your partnerships and relationship will need to be reevaluated, but this is a good thing. Plans resurface and now would be the time to put an end to any ideas about moving forwardВ or contemplate how things can be better moving forward.В July 12В boosts your healthcare in positive and unforeseen ways-stay open. Your skin is sensitive to heat this month, so a cooling mask, like TalikaВ Bio-Enzymes After-Sun Mask ($12), is exactly what you'll need.В

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Pisces: Travel

You're ruled by the planet Neptune-the planet of mysticism, dreams, and the imagination. Jupiter, the planet of travel and expansion, is your ancient ruling planet before Neptune was discovered, and both are impacting you in positive ways this month. Neptune retrograde says to get clear about your dreams and get rid of ambiguity (this means more reality check, but that's a good thing). Jupiter direct allows you to express your passion and deep ideas and share them with others. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer onВ July 12В brings spontaneous opportunities that involve risk-all signs point to yes! Your skin will glow more if you sweat more and process emotions that may be lying dormant. Try a pore-shrinking mask, like Ole HenriksenВ Cold Plunge Pore MaskВ ($36).