This Is How Jennifer Aniston Keeps Her Skin Looking So Good

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When we think of the carefully curated list of celebrities with hair we envy, Jennifer Aniston often lands near the top. Throughout the years, her sun-kissed hair and Cali beauty vibes have reached icon status, right along with Aniston herself. Though her current hairstyle is decidedly more modern than the cultural haircut phenomenon that was “the Rachel,” the signature sleek effortless vibe has stayed the same and is exactly what makes thousands of women thrust photos of her to their hairdressers and scream: “Give me this exact cut!”

It comes as a surprise, then, when Aniston tells us this little tidbit: “My natural hair is wavy, curly, and frizzy.… It takes a whole village,” she says. Obviously, we had to know more. From the shine-boosting hair pomade to the lip liner she has been wearing for 15 yearsВ here are her best-kept beauty secrets.В


If there's one thing we could steal from Jennifer Aniston, it's her complexion. Glowy, blemish free, chiselled and well, pretty much perfect. Well, according to Popsugar, the actress revealed how she achieves her lusted after skin and it's all down to regular facial massages with the Biologique Recherche Remodelling Face Machine. This device uses electric microcurrents at either low, medium or high frequencies to tone your facial muscles-now we know where those cheekbones come from.В

Her facialist, Toska Husted, revealed that she's her one client that can handle it at it's highest setting and that Aniston is a big lover of anything results-driven like extractions. If you're not quite ready for a pain-driven facial or extractions yet (that and it's currently only available in New York), we'd recommend any of these pore-unclogging treatmentsВ you can do from home. Or investing in a jade rollerВ to help tone your facial muscles. В


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Remember last year when we allВ found out that Jennifer Aniston wore MAC's ParamountВ (ВЈ21), a quintessential '90s brown lipstick when she was playing Rachel Green on Friends? Well, it turns out that IRL she has her own signatureВ lip look, and she revealed all in a recentВ InStyle interview. AnistonВ hasВ been using the same liner for almost 15 years.В The pencil in question?В EstГ©e Lauder Automatic Lip Pencil DuoВ (ВЈ10) in Fig. We predict a sell out.В

Secret #3: Her Hairstylist Swears By This ВЈ5 Product

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To add shine and definition to Aniston's natural waves, her hairstylist Chris McMillan likes to use this cheap and cheerful pomade, as he revealed on Instagram after styling Aniston's hair for an InStyle Magazine shoot. The waxy texture adds hold and anchors down flyaways, perfect for when Aniston has a long event to attend.

Secret #4: She Hardly Washes Her Hair

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When we ask Aniston for the secret to her enviable hair, she brings up some expert advice. “The first thing my hairstylist Chris McMillan says is don't wash your hair,” she tells us. “But I can't leave my hair alone… It looks like crap! That was before Living Proof, though.” The actress is also the co-owner of the MIT scientist-created haircare line, which she says is a total “total game changer” because of the silicone-free formulas. As for how long she's gone without washing her hair at a time? “I've gone a week sometimes!” she admits. We're holding that knowledge close to heart the next time we can't gather the energy to shampoo.

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Secret #5: She Doesn't Blow-Dry Her Hair

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Aniston's daily hair routine is more low-key than you would think, and no hairdryers are involved. “When I'm not working, I let my hair air-dry, then finger-dry around my hair line and let it go,” she says. “It helps your hair stay healthier.”

Secret #6: She Has Icons Too

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Since Aniston is a modern-day hair icon, we had to ask the actress whose strands she envied back in the day. She was quick to rattle off a list: “Valerie Bertinelli, Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Tiegs and Brigitte Bardot all had gorgeous hair.… Oh, and Julia Roberts!”

Secret #7: She Used to Be a Sun Bunny

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We had to ask: What advice would Aniston give her 16-year-old self? “Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!” she says. “I am obsessed with sunscreen. I was an avid tanner back in the day. I loved the sun. I loved the beach. I was definitely a sun bunny-it's hard even today to resist it.” We can personally vouch for Sarah Chapman's Skin Insurance SPF 30 (£49). Protection first!

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