This Australian Influencer Has the Perfect Mum-Friendly Beauty Routine

Ever wish you could peek into the beauty cabinets of other women? Ask them about each and every product before you gather your notes and make a beeline for the nearest Mecca? We did too, hence ourВ Real Women, Real RoutinesВ series that will be running for the next month. We're shining a spotlight on actual women, and detailing the ins and outs of their personal skincare routines.

We asked all the questions, from their approach to skincare, to issues they're dealing with, morning and evening beauty rituals, and the products they'll keep buying forever. In this week's column, PR consultant, INF / Network member, and all-roundВ super-mum Kelly Muller took us through every step in her minimal-but-effective skincare routine. OneВ child, a strong social following, and a writing gig on the side don't exactly leave hours to be spent fluffing around in the bathroom, so each and every product needs to be quick, easy, but most importantly results-driven to make the cut.В

Keep reading for all theВ perfect mum-friendly beauty routine.В


Byrdie Australia: What's your approach to skincare?

Kelly Muller: I was lucky enough to have great skin as a teenager, but after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and a range of food intolerances as a teen, I was never really happy with my skin. It wasn't until I started going to The ClinicВ that I started to see a noticeable change. Less is now more for me.В Given I've always been about quick, easy, effective regimes, nothing has really changed for me since becoming a mum.В

B: How do you go about choosing products?

KM:В The proof is in the pudding. If I see someone with amazing skin, I want to know what they use and where they go. Pip EdwardsВ got me onto The Clinic-have you seen her skin? It's flawless. And Chelsea Kirby introduced me to The Beauty ChefВ before my wedding. I now try to use the Hydration Inner Beauty BoostВ ($40) every day.В

B: Do you have any skincare issues you're currently treating?

KM:В I get rosacea around my nose. I actually use a steroid cream when it's especially bad. Otherwise, a littleВ CPR Skin Recovery SerumВ ($79) seems to settle it down.

B: What do you buy over and over?

KM: CosmedixВ Benefit CleanВ ($68), CosmedixВ Opti Eye Crystal SerumВ ($145), TrilogyВ Rosehip OilВ ($26), The ClinicВ MoisturiserВ ($80),В and AspectВ Dry Touch SunscreenВ ($26).В

Cosmedix Benefit Clean $68ShopCosmedix Opti Crystal Eye Serum $145ShopTrilogy Rosehip Oil $26ShopThe Clinic The Moisturiser $80ShopAspect Dry Touch Sunscreen $26Shop

B: Anything you'd never use on your skin?

KM:В I'm not as strict with checking ingredient listings as I'd like to be, but I always avoid anything tested on animals. That, and anything with parabens and preservatives.

B: Walk us through your current morning routine.

KM:В My daughter wakes me up at the crack of dawn, so before anything else, I make breakfast for her and an instant coffee for me. Then it's a shower. I use CosmedixВ Benefit CleanВ ($68) to wash my face, followed by The Clinic's The MoisturiserВ ($80) and Cosmedix Opti Eye Crystal SerumВ ($145) to try to disguise my tired eyes. After, I apply sunscreen, mascara, lots of concealer, a little bronzer, highlighter, and that's it.

B: Walk us through your current evening routine.

KM: I cleanse again with The Clinic'sВ Benefit CleanВ then use Cosmedix Elite X-Cell Serum (you actually need to buy this in-store, it's that good), which gently exfoliates the skin for a brighter, evenly-toned complexion. Then I layer on The Clinic'sВ The MoisturiserВ ($80) and CosmedixВ Opti Eye Crystal SerumВ ($145), and I'm done.

B: Which experts do you look to for your personal skin upkeep?

KM:В Since I have started seeing the team at The Clinic, I've noticed a significant change in my skin. I've had facials before, but this is different. They understand skin on a holistic level-diet, stress levels, lifestyle. They work with you to help you achieve your best skin.В