"Illuminated Brunette" Is Still the Most Popular Hair Color in Brazil-Here's Why

Just like how Korean girls are known for their "glass skin" and French girls are known for theirВ chic makeup, Brazilian girls are known for their long, shiny, and sun-kissed hair.В For proof, just think of the multitude of hairВ salons that offer Brazilian blowouts or Brazilian keratin treatments. Both are meant to make lackluster hair look bouncy and healthy Г la Brazilian supermodels Gisele BГјndchen and Alessandra Ambrosio.

While proper haircare and styling methods are key to achieving long and luscious Brazilian-inspired hair, there's a popular hair trend from the South American country that might help. According to Refinery29, "illuminated brunette" is a tropical take on traditional brunette hair. In fact, it mimics the natural highlightsВ that might result from a sunny SГЈo Paulo beach vacation. Keep scrolling to see Brazil's buzziest hair color trend.

In Portuguese, this hair color is called morenas iluminadas.В ItВ involves painting subtle, golden highlights on a naturally dark base in order to achieve a subtle and sun-kissed color transition.В JoГЈo Bosco, a Brazilian hairstylist, revealed in a conversation withВ Refinery29 that he only goes up toВ three shades lighter than the client's natural hair color (that's it!) so as to createВ the smoothest and most blendedВ result possible.

Apparently, it's been one of Brazil's most popular hair colors since first hitting the scene. Bosco said that it's the most highly requested hair color at his SГЈo Paulo salon, after traditional blonde. And if Instagram is any indication (which it almost always is), the same holds true for other salons.

To us, it seems as if another name for this color could simply be "brunette balayage" since it involves highlighting the hair with hand-painted strokes of color that rise from the ends up through the mid-lengths of the hair. Even though balayage is most commonly associated with blonde hair transformations, this trend is proof that it suits brunettes just as well.

This hair color trend incorporates a wide range of brunette shades. Whether you have naturally bright chestnut hair or rich espresso-colored locks, it can be customized to suit your exact shade of brunette. Just ask your colorist to highlight your hair with a color that's no more than three shades lighter than the one you're starting with. It's actually quite simple.

The best part aboutВ it is that it's probably one of the most-if not the most-low-maintenance hair colors you could possibly spring for. Since the highlights are being painted on your natural base color, your hair will grow out into subtle ombrГ© perfection. Take it from Bosco, who told Refinery29 thatВ the color typically lasts upwards of six months without any salon upkeep appointments necessary. "I've even had clients who come just once a year," he said.

For more illuminated brunette hair inspiration, check out #morenailuminada on Instagram, which has over 1.3 million posts. Just be warned: It might result in a spontaneous salon appointment. After all, who doesn't want their hair to look like they just returned from a sun-filled vacation to SГЈo Paulo? That's entirely possible with the morena iluminada.

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