This Makeup Artist-Approved Hack Shrinks Pimples Overnight

Beauty disasters often strike at the worst of times. But like peak hour traffic and taxes, copping a pimpleВ the day before a big event is a fact of life. You might have a clear complexion 99 percent of the time, but the minute a first date or job interview approaches, a mountain-sized blemish takes up residence on your chin. In this situation, most of us douse the affected area in spot treatment, but often these can take 48+ hours to work. So, if a social occasion is impending and you need a quick fix, you're better off relying on this little-known makeup artist secret. Surprisingly, it can shrink even the angriest of spot down to conceal-able proportions in a single night. The best news though, is that the miracle treatment in question is likely already in your pantry. (And if it isn't, it'll only cost you a dollar at the supermarket).

Keep reading for the easiest way to shrink a pimple overnight.


Apparently, all that stands between you and flawless skin is a pinch of salt. Yep, really. According to a makeup artist I hired fromВ LuxitВ (a premium beauty services booking app) this is because the humble seasoningВ works to draw out moisture from the blemish, encouraging it to shrink in size overnight. You may wake up still with some redness, but this this can be easily corrected with concealer. Uneven texture is not so simple to hide, hence the hack.

But before you go throwing your finest Celtic sea salt flakes down the sink, note that table salt actually works best-it's finer and stays in place a little easier. To DIY, cleanse, then grab the salt and a Band-Aid. Place the salt on the blemish as best you can (a head tilt might be necessary) and seal it in place with the Band-Aid. You'll awake to find your pimple has shrunk and flaked off to the point that the skin is smooth and the swelling is gone. If you still have redness, use a green corrector like Becca's Targeted Colour CorrectorВ in Pistachio ($50), then follow up with a pigmented concealer like NarsВ Radiant Creamy ConcealerВ ($44). Now go forth blemish-free.

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