9 Ways to Change up Your Look With These Simple Hair Tweaks


When it comes to having a fringe, it may seem like it requires serious commitment, but it can be super versatile. You just need to know how to style your fringe in a few different ways so you can shake up your look depending on your mood. Before we talk about switching things up, let's all get on the same page when it comes to basic fringe styling.В

Indira Schauwecker, Toni & Guy's creative director, reveals that “freshly washed hair is best for fringes,” so even if you're not washing all your hair, a quick rinse of your fringe will give it a boost. And you can't hang around when it comes to styling a fringe either, “As soon as you step out of the shower, the first thing you need to do is grab your hairdryer and blow-dry your fringe forward. Fringes dry much quicker than the rest of your hair, so the longer you leave it, the harder it is to style,” she warns.


On hot days, fringes can flag, which is why you need a small dry shampoo and a brush on your person at all times. “Spray on some dry shampoo and brush backwards, this will instantly refresh the fringe and add volume,” advises Schauwecker. Got curly hair? “Use a sea salt spray to achieve a more natural, beachy type fringe.”


Change the Parting

“This is the easiest way to mix up a fringe. Make sure that you are using product so it will hold in this new direction; a mousse is great for a little stronger hold. Ed note: Try Ouai Soft Mousse, $28. I tend to manipulate the hair with my GHD Platinum ($250) so that it really holds its shape and then use hairspray to hold in place,” says Adam Reed, co-founder of Percy & Reed.


Play With Texture

“Create texture and added volume in your fringe by using a texture spray. -If your hair is usually straight, you can tong your fringe, as well as your lengths to create a wave,” says Duck & Dry's senior stylist, Amy Harris.


Turn It Into a Quiff

“Go for a really modern textured look” says Reed. “Blow-dry the hair using mousse at the root, and use a GHD Ceramic Brush ($40) and hairdryer to get a great lift at the root, making sure that you are drying the hair back away from the head. Use your straighteners to lift the hair at the root, and then use a volume spray to loosen the shape and add hold at the root. The hair should not look stiff or wet.”


Channel Audrey

“If your fringe is slightly longer, slick it to the side for an Audrey Hepburn moment. Simply blow-dry hair the fringe to the side and fix with plenty of hairspray to ensure it doesn't move. You'll look seriously chic,” says Luke Hersheson, creative director of Hershesons.


Power Up

"Blow it up and back to give you '90s power hair.В After washing hair, apply a generous amount ofВ John Frieda Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion ($9) before blasting hair with a hairdryer, using a large brush, to create volume and banish frizz. Don't be afraid to have a go, as it doesn't take long and can refresh and update a look instantly."


Accessorise With Grips

“Use this season's key trend-an accessory. Try a simple kirby grip to hold the hair in a deep geek side part, or an ornate clip for something with a bit of character,” suggests Reed.В


Or Ribbon

“Alternatively,” says Reed, “try a beautiful velvet ribbon. Style your fringe the way that you want it, spray the bottom of the ribbon with hairspray take it across the surface of the fringe then wrap and tie at the base of the neck.”


Go Au Naturel

“For those of you with curly or wavy hair, fringes can help to create shape and definition, something that can be tricky to come by otherwise. When it comes to waves, let your fringe dry naturally for that summery 70s look,” suggests Jess Gartland, stylist at Myla and Davis. “Salt spray works well for something undone, whereas a cream or gel is great for adding a little polish to your look.”


Braid It

“Want to disguise your fringe? A braid is a really quick and interesting way to mix things up. French braid the hair from ear to ear, disguising the lengths of the fringe as you go,” says Reed.