6 Ways to Be Happier and Healthier in the New Year

As soon as the last piece of confetti is swept up after the New Year's Eve festivities, there's only one thing on our minds: our resolutions. While we're not opposed to taking some time to reflect on the past 365 days and set intentions for 2018, the pressure of creating yearlong goals is intimidating for some and completely daunting for most. So this year we're saying goodbye to a long list of habits to break, hobbies to pick up, and diets to try, and replacing it with the simple goal of doing more of what makes us happy.В В

Since we can't spend all our time getting a massage on the beach while eating sushi (sigh), we're challenging ourselves to dedicate one hour a week to doing more of what we love. Think of it as replacing happy hour with joy hour where you selfishly choose how to spend your time. Sounds kind of amazing, right? In case your mind isn't already flooded with ideas, we asked the editors on our team to share how they'll spend their joy hour. From actually taking a full hour lunch break to heading to yoga in cute new JoyLab gearВ from Target, they've got some ideas that are already making us feel pretty confident about 2018.

Feel like you deserve a little “me time” in the upcoming year? Below, read six ideas on how to spend it.

Christie Calucchia, Assistant Editor at MyDomaine

“I'll try to squeeze in at least one yoga session every week, whether it's a class in the studio or even at home before work. I always feel amazing afterward!”

Caitie Schlisserman, Senior Beauty Editor at Byrdie, Branded Content

“I've come to realize that there's no harm in prioritizing 'me time,' which is why I've made a goal to have one night a week where I disconnect (as in no phone or TV), throw on a face mask, and dive into a book or magazine. Even if it's just for 30 or 45 minutes, I'll be able to do something that I want to do without any interruptions-what could be better than that?”

Kelsey Clark, Lifestyle News Editor at MyDomaine

“One of my resolutions is to start dancing again-I was a dancer in high school, and it was such a stress-relieving, confidence-boosting activity for me. While my skills have definitely waned over the years, I've vowed to take a fun dance class or two in the New Year for both my mental and physical health.”

Nayiri Mampourian, Senior Fashion Editor at Who What Wear, Branded Content

“I'll be giving my eyes (and mind) a break by unplugging for an hour every day during lunch. With my phone off and being physically away from my desk, I'll learn to be in the moment when I'm out in the world and hopefully can learn to stop and smell the roses.”

Michaela Bushkin, Associate Editor, Branded Content

“Instead of getting my girlfriends together for weekly dinner dates, I'm going to start planning post-work workout classes. I'll get to see my squad and sweat out my day-win-win.”

Gabrielle Savoie, Editor at MyDomaine

“This year, I want to give back and be more engaged in my community, so I'm setting aside an hour a month to be more socially and politically active. Whether it's helping at a homeless shelter, donating to a local charity, or helping out a cause for social change, I believe that turning outward to help others is the best form of gratification.”

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