Video Tutorial: How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger in 9 Steps

Humans have been obsessed with eyes since the beginning of time. From Cleopatra's gleaming, kohl-lined black pools to the official induction of “smize” to pop culture vernacular (thanks, Tyra!), our fixation with these windows to the soul has only increased with time. But as much as we treasure our eyes for allowing us to see (and also providing a blank canvas for ourNaked2 Palette), our eyes can also betray us-like when they're surrounded by dark circles after a late night, erm, socializing.

On mornings (or afternoons-no judgment) when you wake up with your eyes on the swollen/tired/puffy/crepe-y side, fear not. With a few key products in your arsenal, you can instantly help your eyes look bigger and wide awake. And who better to show us than a pro makeup artist? Makeup guru Afton Williams shared her eight-step plan for bigger eyes, and, frankly, we're impressed-mostly because it's so easy.В Watch and learn from the video below: