Hair Color 101: How to Go Brond

Ecaille brown, tortoiseshell blond, ronze-hair color trends simultaneously intrigue and confuse us. Brond, although less of a tongue twister than some of the others, is just as mystifying. If you do it right, you come out all Blake Lively gorgeous. If you do it wrong, you come out blond. Or brunette. Achieving brondВ is a delicate balance, so we called in a few top colorists for guidance. Whether you're a dark-haired beauty lightening up or blondie looking to go darker, keep reading to find out how to go brondВ (both in the salon and at home)!

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If You Have Dark Hair…

Hair colorist Tiffanie Richards of New York City's Nunzio Saviano Salon points out that brond is the ultimate color for darker-skinned women who want to feel blond. “Bright blond typically doesn't work against a tan skin tone, because it creates too much contrast and almost fights for attention,” Richards says. “Leaving brown hues around the crown of the head and the hairline counteracts this and allows you to have the blond you have always wanted.” Think of brond as an updated version of ombré. “Similar to ombré, your colorist will typically start highlights around the cheekbones or lower. This technique allows you to come up as high as you want as long as there's enough brown surrounding the face.” Richards says your colorist will either foil the highlights, paint them on, or use both techniques. Just remember tone is the top priority. “A golden blond (like honey) is best with this trend, as pale blond typically doesn't complement a tan skin tone or sit well next to a dark color,” Richards says.

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If You Have Light Hair…

Brond flatters all skin tones-even pale girls who would normally stay away from dark hair colors. Abraham Sprinkle of Keratin Complex's international creative team says it's most important for a blonde going brond to keep those strands of blond and let them peek through. “I would go a level deeper and warmer than the target shade, and then go back and precisely place a bit of lightener to shift tone and cause the irregularities throughout that makes brond such a unique look,” Sprinkle says.

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What do you think of brond? Will you try the look?В