9 Gifts Girls With Perfect Hair Want for the Holidays

We all have that friend with enviable hair. You know what we're talking about. The girl who rarely blow dries her hair because it just dries out smooth. The girl who doesn't fear humidity.В The girl who should be the star of every hair campaign out there. The key to getting her a gift this holiday season is to look for products that will keep her hair strong and healthy. We've rounded up our favorites that we know that she will absolutely love. Click through to see our picks for the gifts that will make sure your friend with perfect hair continues to hold that title in the friend group.В

Sans CeuticalsВ Quench + Restore Hair Kit ($66)

GirlsВ who have the ultimate hair goals use restoration kits as more to prevent damage than control it. This kit in particular contains vitamin B, Keratrix, and Aquaxyl that strengthens hair and gives it its glossy shine.В

Bumbler and BumbleВ Sp(oil) Yourself: Best of Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Set ($45)В

We've also come to find girls with perfect hair know how to utilize oil to their advantage. The Hairdresser's Invisible Oil collection from Bumble and Bumble instantly makes hair super soft and smooths out any frizz. This set contains all the essentials (shampoo, conditioner, primer, and oil) for the ultimate haircare set.В

Nexxus 3-Piece Trial Set $10Shop

Girls with good hair know the danger of relying on hotel products-this three-piece set will make your holiday travels a whole lot less hair-raising.

Christophe RobinВ Regenerating Gift Set ($85)В

Every hair aficionado knows that Christophe Robin is considered royalty in haircare; his products are the best of the best. This gift set contains prickly pear oil as the hero ingredient, which is known for reviving hair pigment and regenerating each strand from root to tip, and you get a shampoo, balm, and mask in travel sizes so that you can takeВ them anywhere.В

VerbВ Ghost Oil Kit ($48)

When all the Byrdie editors were talking about a hair brand we all love, weВ unanimously said Verb; every product seriously works and does wonders for our hair. This kit focuses on the cult classic ghost oil. You get five products for the softest hair of your life. Plus it comes in a travel bag for all your travels.В

Rahua Jet Setter Hair & Body Kit ($40)

Who doesn't love a two-in-one set? Here, you get products for your hair and your body. It not only makes your hair and skin super smooth, it also keeps both hydrated.В

OuidadВ Curl Quencher Trial Set for Tight Curls ($36)

For the girl with killer curls, you want something that gives hair the ultimate hydration without weighing it down. You get a shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, and holding spray.В

ByredoВ Mojave Ghost Hair PerfumeВ ($62)

Does it get any more luxurious than a perfume solely for your hair? Treat your friend to one of our favorite scents made of violet and sandalwood.В

R+CoВ Day + Night Set ($30)

This is the ultimate blowout set. You get travel sizes of Park Ave. blow out balm and the Death Valley dry shampoo so that you can wake up to gorgeous hair the next day.В В

DysonBlown-A-Ouai Set ($399)

It might be a hard ask for you to spend almost $400 on another person, but hear us out. This is the ultimate set for anyone who put their haircare above everything else in their routine. Not only do you get four Ouai products, you get the holy grail of all hair dryers-the Dyson Super Sonic Hair Dryer. The dryer itself costs the same prices as this gift set, just without the amazing hair products. So trust when we say this set is totally worth it; your friend is going to love you forever.

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