7 Healthy Flapjack Recipes That Don't Taste Healthy at All


Flapjacks are one of those things tricky food items that on the surface appear angelic, luring you in with all their natural oats and wholesome dried fruit. But take a closer look and you'll often find that they're not as saintly as they might seem. While we're all for treating ourselves, especially when that late-afternoon slump rolls in around 3 p.m., the refined sugar lurking deep within the gooey centre of a flapjack can lead to a sugar crash that will make your mood (and concentration) a whole lot worse.

The problem is these oaty treats are too delicious to write off, so we set off on a mission to find the 10 best healthy flapjack recipes out there. Packed full of superfoods, fruits, nuts and natural sweeteners, they have all the taste with an added helping of nutrition. And the best bit? They're so easy. All you need to do is simply grab your apron, keep scrolling and decide which of these seven recipes you're going to try first.

Blueberries are packed full of antioxidants, which are vital in protecting skin from environmental aggressors like pollution. You'll find plenty in this recipe by Livia's Kitchen, which you can read on the Deliciously Ella blog here.

When afternoon cravings strike, it's always best to reach for a source of protein, since protein will fuel your body and brain for much longer than any sugar. These homemade protein breakfast bars by Wallflower Kitchen (the protein comes from the nuts and seeds) make the perfect snack for anyone following a vegan or Paleo diet.

Quinoa is another great way to get more protein into your diet (note-it's also believed to help reduce belly fat), and Hemsley and Hemsley's has added lots of it into this recipe. Plus, there are raisins for a shot of natural sweetness.

If you suffer from a nut allergy, you're going to want to try this nut-free healthy granola bar recipeВ by Eats Amazing, which also come lightly sprinkled cinnamon, a spice known to lower blood-sugar levels.

Beetroot might seem like a bit of an odd choice of flapjack ingredient, but when you consider that they are full of potassium (which is good for nerve and muscle function and has a detoxifying effect on skin), you'll want to re-create this recipe for Omega Boost Beetroot and Blackcurrant Energy Bars by The Veg Space.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which is vital in batting off common coughs and colds, and you'll find them in thisВ recipe for Strawberry Oat BarsВ by My Fussy Eater.

We already loved bananas, but it turns out that their potassium content is great for reducing stomach bloat. FoundВ inВ Maverick Baking's recipeВ for Banana Coconut Flapjacks,В they also help to make for a particularly satisfying chewy texture.

Next up, these healthy smoothie recipes are just waiting to be Instagrammed.