A Hairstyle So Good, You'll Want to Walk Down the Aisle With It

Brides typically have quite a few requirements for wedding-day hair: It should be classic, romantic, and done up but not fussy. The list goes on. And while there might be a couple styles worthy of the big day, there is nothing quite as perfect as the half-up wedding hairstyle. With twisted tendrils and free-flowing waves, the half-up is inherently photogenic while also complementary to nearly any dress style. What more could a bride want?

To learn how to create what we think is the quintessential wedding-day hairstyle, we've created a video tutorial accompanied by step-by-step instructions on how to get the look. Because, let's face it, even if you have a hairdresser on your big day, you're going to want to re-create this 'do for futureĐ’ events. For our take on how to achieve this wedding day-worthy updo, watch the video tutorial below.

1. Blow-dry and style hair: Blow-dry your hair and style as desired.

2. Lift the crown of your hair: Once you have styled your hair, grab a triangle-shaped section from the crown of the head and lift up.

3. Back-comb: For added volume, gently back-brush this section of hair with a smoothing brush like Harry Josh Pro Tools Mini Oval Brush ($25).

4. Pin in place: Still holding this section of hair, bring it back down so that it meets the rest of your hair, and fasten it into place with Goody Slide Proof Bobby Pins ($4).

5. Twist the front section of hair: Grab the section of hair on the right side of your face, and twist away from your face all the way until you reach the ends.

6. Add texture: Hold the end of the twisted section with one hand, and with the other gently pull on the outer edges for a full, textured appearance.

7. Pin in place: Take your twist to the back of your head where you pinned the crown section and fasten in place with a bobby pin.

8. Repeat: Perform steps five through seven on the remaining section of hair on the left side of your face.

9. Accessorize: To make this hairstyle all the more special, add a hair accessory like Wedding Belles New York Poppy Hairpin ($25).

Next up: Learn how to copy the Kardashians' hairstylist's wave technique.


Director: Clarence Fuller

Model: Nidhi with Industry Model Management

Producer: Adam Hammer

Videography: Eric Foster

Editor: Kathria Tizon

Makeup: Afton Williams

Hair: Justine Marjan

Styling: Morgan Bogle

Nails: Natalie Minerva from Nail Swag