The Most Important Beauty and Fitness Lessons I've Learned, by Hannah Bronfman

This week, we're content-swapping with our friends at HBFIT! Short for Health Beauty Fitness, HBFITis the brainchild of DJ, fitness lover, and all-around cool girl Hannah Bronfman and your guide to living a healthy, green juice-fueled life. The HBFITteam will be writing about health, fitness, and Halloween candy on Byrdie, and you can head over to HBFIT to see a new beauty story from us each day (including but not limited to: our editorial director's fall skincare routine and all the ways you can use pumpkin in your beauty routine). To kick off our partnership, Hannah herself is penning a note on all the most important beauty and fitness lessons she's learned in her life. Keep scrolling to find out what they are…

Hi, Byrdie readers!В I like to consider myself a beauty aficionado, but it's taken years of trial and error to find what works for my skin and what makes me feel beautiful. As someone who is constantly on the go, it's important for me to find products that fit into my routine and work with my flexible schedule. I've also learned that making time to invest in your skin is so important. I make it a priority to eat clean and take the time to sweat every day, so treating my skin with the same care is also really important to me. All of my experiences while traveling and working in this industry have shaped my habits and values as a fitness and beauty enthusiast, and here are a few of the most important things I've learned in the process.


Put Your Skin First

Most of my weeks are filled with long flights, late nights, and exhaustingly long days. It's easy to forget about your skin when you barely have time for any relaxation, but by putting your skin first, you'll thank yourself for it later. I've learned that even on my latest nights when I'm too tired to do anything before bed, washing my face is a step that can't be skipped. Find products you love and travel with them everywhere.


Make Time for Yourself

Making time for yourself to feel beautiful is so important, and most women don't realize they should be their own biggest priority. With hectic work schedules and packed calendars, it can be hard to sneak in some me time, but it's SO important. I've learned that sometimes you need to push a few things off to make time for yourself-whether it's getting a facial, taking a nap, or squeezing in a major sweat session.


Don't Neglect Your Brushes

I love collecting makeup as much as the next girl, so my makeup brushes are VITAL to my beauty routine. Makeup brush maintenance is something we tend to forget about, but it makes a HUGE difference in the cleanliness of your beauty products. The buildup of product on the brushes totally impedes their function, so it's important to wash and dry your brushes occasionally for the best application of your makeup.


Find What Works for You and Stick With It

It's so much fun to try out new beauty products and try out all the trends on the market, but there's something valuable in finding staple products that work for you-and sticking to them. Skin types are different, so naturally different products work for different people. I've learned that being loyal to your favorite products goes a long way when it comes to feeling confident and beautiful.В


Don't Underestimate Your Moisturizer

Moisturizer is something that I've fallen in love with over the years, and people tend to forget what it can do for you. When you're constantly traveling and altering your routine, all of the flexibility can really take a toll on your skin. A classic moisturizer will help fix any dryness or damage in your skin, and will also help prevent inflammation and wrinkles that form as you age.


Go Natural

I can't stress enough how important it is to use products that are all naturalВ and paraben-free. Your skin is your largest organ in your body, so whatever you put onto your skin goes directly into your bloodstream. If you wouldn't cook with artificial ingredients, why would you put them into your body? I've learned that in order to treat your body right, you need to infuse your skin naturally and organically.В


Eat Healthy (When You Can)

First, I've learned that when it comes to healthy choices, a little prep goes a long way. So many girls ask me what I eat, how often I eat, or how I stay healthy with my on-the-go lifestyle. The answer always comes down to preparation. Skipping meals is never a good idea, so I make sure to keep high-protein snacks on me whenever I can. I need fuel throughout the day, and I'd rather have healthy options on hand so I don't end up bingeing on whatever is in front of me. I also try to avoid gluten, dairy, and refined sugar when I can!


Travel, but Stay True

It's particularly hard to stick to your habits when you're on the go, but I know how important it is to try and maintain a routine-even if you're in a different city. Find a place to grab a green juice or a smoothie bowl-there are amazing places everywhere these days. I also like to try new workout spots when I'm in a different city; you never know what class you might fall in love with.

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The final thing I've learned (the hard way) is how important dedication is in creating a healthy lifestyle and reaching your goals. Whether you're trying to eat better, drink more water, move more, or work harder, you need to want it. Try making a specific plan with goals that are realistic and attainable. If you make a plan and really dedicate yourself to it, the results will follow. Good things come to people who hustle!

What's your favorite beauty lesson? Share with us in the comments!