7 Humidity-Proof Hairstyles to Wear All Season Long

When humidity takes over your summer, it's not enough to rely on a frizz-reducing serum to tame your tresses. In the fight against frizz, your hairstyle is just as important as your styling products. Scroll through for seven looks that'll save you from the dreaded puff!В

One Big Floordrobe


For mild frizz threat levels, the topknot never fails. Keep it fresh and summery by making it a half-up topknot, or do the full version if you need more humidity-fighting power.

Twist Me Pretty

Half Braid

The half braid takes care of what we like to call the "problem hair"-aka all of the pieces along your face that have a tendency to spring up at the first sign of moisture. Give them a little extra insurance with a dab of Wen's Sweet Almond Mint Anti-Frizz Styling Cream ($28).


Slicked-Back Bun

A seriously slicked-back look can tame any degree of frizz. You will need gel to get your mane this sleek. We like Ouidad's Climate Control Heat andВ Humidity Gel ($26).

A Fashion Love Affair

Braid in Ponytail

This one looks best if you've got a little bit of that beachy, summery texture going on. The braid keeps a good portion of your hair in check, so even if the humidity does start to take hold, only a small part of your ponytail will be affected. If anything, it'll just look a little more textured.В В


Knotted Braid

Get knotty before your hair has a chance to. (Get it?) This entire style is composed entirely of knots, and it's not going anywhere.В


Wet Braid/Dry Ponytail

If the conditions are really bad, why even bother with dry hair? Instead, embrace the wet look, and pull your hair back into a messy low braid. Tie it off at the base of your neck, and let the tail run free.В

Makeup Wearables

Loose Low Bun

Never underestimate the wonders of a goodВ bun. A few strategically placed bobby pins and a little natural texture make this low bun work in any weather.В

Do you have any anti-humidity hair tricks? Share them below!