2 Byrdie Editors (Who Are Also Roommates) Swap Hair Routines

Amanda Montell

If you're a hard-core Byrdie stalker, you might know already that our site's assistant editor Erin Jahns and I live together, and it's really, really cute. Our little beauty editor-filled apartment in Los Angeles is like a mini satellite office of Byrdie HQ, spilling over with products and coffee cups filled with the caffeine required to stay up late testing products and meeting deadlines. What's fun about living with another beauty editor and product aficionado is that whenever a skin, makeup, or hair disaster arises, we can always trust each other to come through with the necessary supplies. For example, after a recent highlight touch-up, my hair was feeling ridiculously dry, crunchy, and color-damaged. Luckily, my roomie and fellow bleach blonde was there to hook me up with a tub of Davines Nourishing Hair Building Pak, which revived my strands overnight.

This experience made me want to know what other hair tricks Erin has up her sleeve. Her strands always look impossibly shiny and sleek, and I know she's also curious about my styling routine. I have short hair that I almost always wear in relaxed flat-iron waves, often with a whimsical hairpin as a garnish. So since we live together and all, we decided to swap our signature everyday hair routines-from shampoo and conditioner to hot tools to styling products-and give our honest reviews. Keep scrolling to learn what we discovered.

Erin's Review of My Routine

Erin Jahns

"Normally, I use lightweight oils on my wet hair before styling, but I really liked usingВ Lenor Greyl's heavierВ oil treatment before shampooing. It made my hair feel so soft, and I noticed that instantly when I got in the shower. I really liked the smell. Usually, Leonor Greyl products have such a strong flowery scent, but I didn't mind this one. I also hadn't used Oribe in a long time, so I was skeptical about the Gold LustВ shampoo and conditioner, especiallyВ because there was no detangler in this routine. But I was impressed. When I got out of the shower, my hair was still soft, smooth, manageable, and not a blonde rat's nest, no detangler needed."

Erin Jahns

"I blow-dried as normal usingВ Amanda's Tangle Teezer paddle brush, which IВ loved. I had more success with it than theВ original Tangle Teezer actually. Then I tried my hand at Amanda's everyday flat-iron wave technique. Other than using a flat iron to straighten my hair, I never use hot styling tools in my daily life, so I feel like I suck at them. But waving my hair with the iron was actually pretty easy, and the result ended up looking quite like my natural air-dried texture, just more polished.В

"I'm also normally really cautious around finishing texture spraysВ because I don't like the feeling of product in my hair. ButВ Kristin Ess's was really nice-not sticky or greasy. Just added some lightweight volume. I definitely want a bottle of my own now.В

"Oh, and this little 'bonjour' barrette from InStyler: I love it. I posted a selfie in Instagram Stories and have already gotten two DMs from boys. So, all in all, you're going to want to shop Amanda's routine below."

Leonor Greyl L'Huile $59 $44ShopOribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo $49ShopOribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner $52ShopTangle Teezer Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool $20ShopConair Infiniti Pro $80 $65ShopPhuse Hair Tamer Styling Iron $125ShopKristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray $14ShopInStyler Word Play Hair Pins $10Shop

My Review of Erin's Routine

Amanda Montell

My hair is fairly short, fine, and naturally pretty straight, so when styling, I typically go forВ something wavy, messy, and more full-bodied so that my hair doesn't look so underwhelmingly flat and nonexistent. Erin instructed me to use her productsВ to create a sleek, straightened look and,В not to tell the endВ of the story before it even starts, but every time I've ever worn my hair straight, it hasВ never looked this voluminous.В

Erin's routine started with Joico's color damage repair shampoo and conditioner, which are definitely the right fit for my bleached strands. I felt as though the shampoo cleansed my hair and brightened my color without drying it out, and the conditioner (which contains Keratin to strengthen damaged hair) had the most luxurious creamy texture that instantly made my strands virgin-hair-level soft.В

Amanda Montell

I don't tend to put a lot of product in my hairВ while it's wet because I'm afraid it will make the texture crunchy or greasy, but I trusted Erin's recommendation to apply VerbВ Ghost Oil toВ the ends, Unite'sВ detangler (combed throughout), and Tigi'sВ volume spray (combed throughout). The oil was clear, lightweight, and didn't really have a scent (nothing like my heavy-duty, highly fragranced, yellow-tinted Leonor Greyl, which I would never use on clean hair), so it didn't make my hair greasy in the least-just shiny and healthy. The detangler made Erin's ceramic MoroccanoilВ paddle brush glide straightВ through my strands. But I was most impressed with Tigi's volumizing spray. Normally, volumizers like that makeВ my hair stiff and untouchable, but all this one didВ wasВ give it body without changing the softness of my texture. (It also smells lovely, like a high-end salon.)

I used that same lightweight, user-friendly Moroccanoil paddle brush to blow-dry my hair, which only took about two minutes with Erin's fancy-shmancyВ T3 dryer. A few passes over my hair with T3's sleekВ SinglepassВ flat iron, and it straight-up looked like I'd gotten a blowout, which I swear is not normally what my hair looks like when I wear it straight.

I'm delighted but not surprised by the savvy of Erin's hair routine, which you can shop below.

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