Attention: Celeb Stylists Are Using "Gorilla Snot" in Their Clients' Hair

Moco de Gorila Gorilla Snot Hair Gel $3

We've tried our fair share of questionable-sounding ingredients: cone snail venom, egg extract, and even our own blood-it's all in a day's work. But, when I first heard "Gorilla Snot," it was not a product I was eager to try. That was my first mistake.

After doing a bit of research, I realized celebrity hairstylists covet the stuff like I do my DVR-a lot. Jen Atkin uses it for flyaways on Kim Kardashian West, touting Moco de Gorila Gorilla Snot Hair Gel ($3) as her "secret weapon" for sleek styles and bouncy, healthy-looking blowouts. Adir Abergel, a celebrity stylist and creative director of Virtue Labs says, "It has been in my kit for a very long time. I like to use it for severe, slicked-back looks." He continues, "It's a non-flaky gel that creates memory and hold while imparting shine with no residue."

As someone who will try anything once (especially if it's recommended by Jen Atkin and only costs $3), I got ahold of the stuff and began to experiment. My first thoughts? Naturally, this isn't a product I'd display on my vanity next to my prized Byredo candles and Tom Ford fragrance bottles. But there's something about the unapologetic packaging and shocking color combinations that, sure enough, drew me in.

The formula itself has become popular due to its texture and "anti-gravitational" ability to affix your hair in just about any direction and style. I squeezed the gel into my palm (it wasn't sticky at all, shockingly) and smoothed it along my hair, from root to tip. I brushed each section into a sleek bun, hoping to see what all the fuss was about and (possibly) look more like KKW.

The verdict? My hair stayed fresh and in place through the night and into the morning. I never, even for a moment, had a hair out of place all evening.

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