This Natural Highlighter Is the Secret to Glowy Winter Skin

Courtesy of Nude by Nature

If I told you one of the most common questions I'm asked working as a beauty journalist, it's how to get glowing, healthy skin, even when you're a ghostly shade of winter white. To answer the question, makeup artistВ Emma Chen was kind enough to share all the tips and tricks behind the incredible glow you see on model and influencerВ Holly Phillips below, and all the products she swears by for a bouncy, hydrated complexion. What's more, she's got great advice when it comes to nude lips, the most underrated beauty product, and exactly how to hide a pimple.В

For your brightest winter skin yet, keep scrolling.В

Courtesy of Nude by Nature

What are the hero products you used to create the look?

There were three key products that I used. First, I used the Nude By NatureВ Flawless FoundationВ ($40) which was essential in achieving Holly's flawless base. The Nude By NatureВ Touch of Glow Highlight StickВ ($25) in Champagne added a dewy glow to the higher points on the face, and the Nude By NatureВ Definition EyelinerВ ($25) for a glamorous, feline vibe.

What's your number one makeup trend for the rest of 2018?

Embrace your freckles and bushy brows! I'm such a fan.

Name your top five makeup products right now.

Nude By Nature Touch of Glow StickВ ($25): I love any product that has a multi-use. These sticks can be used as a highlighter, a lip, an eye shadow, a contour-anything you like!

My ride or die lip product will forever be the Fenty Beauty Gloss BombВ ($30). It can be used on any skin tone, or on-top of any shade of lipstick and it still looks amazing.В

Nabla Close Up ConcealerВ ($25): They are vegan, so creamy, and have incredible coverage.

Go-To Transformazing MaskВ ($9): Skincare is essential, and this mask gives a perfect plumped, hydrated canvas for your makeup.

NarsВ Liquid Blush in Orgasm ($44): It gives the most amazing glow and it's the prettiest pink.

Courtesy of Nude by Nature

What's the single best makeup product you've ever used?

Cream blushes are my favorite. They are so versatile! You can use them on eyes, cheeks and lips. They don't get enough credit.

How do you prep the skin before makeup?

I always use a Go-To Transformazing MaskВ ($9), followed by theВ Face HeroВ ($45) oil to plump and hydrate the skin. For the lips I use the Elizabeth ArdenВ Eight Hour Cream ($28), and to finish I use a bit of ClarinsВ Beauty Flash Balm ($65).В

What's your preferred method to apply foundation?

I tend to use either a brush or aВ Beauty BlenderВ ($30) to apply foundation. The Nude By NatureВ BB BrushВ ($25) is a favorite.

What are your best tips when it comes to makeup that photographs well?

There is a misconception that when you're photographing makeup, you need to use a lot of powder, when really all you need to do is lightly powder the right areas. This ensures that the face has dimension and is glowing in all the right spots. The most important areas include the sides of the nose, between the brows, and the centre of the chin. My favorite powder is the By Terry Hydra PowderВ ($88).

Tips for a subtle glow in winter?

Always keep a creamy highlighter handy! The Nude By NatureВ Touch of Glow HighlighterВ ($25) is so small and compact, and fits in the smallest bags. It's so hydrating and gives the perfect amount of glorious glow on a miserable day.В

What's your product formula for the perfect nude lip?

My favorite nude lip at the moment is the Nude By Nature Moisturizing Lipstick (launching soon) in the shade Nude-how fitting! The lipstick contains hyaluronic acid which plumps and hydrates.

What's the best way to hide a pimple?

When trying to hide a pimple, less foundation is more! You are better off using a small amount of concealer on your finger and blending it out.

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