I Started Drinking KhloГ© Kardashian's Go-To Beverage, and It Changed My Life

Full disclosure: I love reality television. I've received every eye roll, scoff, and exclamation upon telling people that but I don't care. To unwind and relax, I mindlessly watch as Housewives quarrel and Kardashians and Jenners live out their day-to-day lives. You can judge all you want, but I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. In fact, whether they'd like to admit it publicly or not, many people are fascinated by these reality stars. Some people might be more interested inВ Kourtney's diet, while others might be more captivated byВ Kylie's ever-changing hair, but no matter how you feel about this polarising clan, you have to admit their lives are alluring. For me it's all about KhloГ©. Her weight loss chronicles have been undeniably incredible, she's always been the fun wildcard, and she's constantly sharing recipes and wellness tips. So, when the reality star turned basketball wife told the internet what she eats and drinks to avoid belly bloat, I was intrigued.


If you're a human who regularly consumes cruciferous vegetables, onions, apples, garlic, beans, grains, or dairy, then you're no stranger to belly bloat. There's nothing fun about feeling or looking several times bigger just because your body is hanging on to excess air and gas. We've previously discussed the foods that can help combat this ailment, but I'm a personal believer that there's no such thing as having too many options to beat the bloat. When I was scrolling through Instagram and learned that Khloe makes a fresh ginger tea to help with bloat I thought I'd try it. As someone who regularly experienced stomach aches and bloating, I was willing to try just about anything. I made it once and it was love at first brew. It tasted delicious and my normal 2 P.M. bloat was nowhere to be seen. I couldn't believe how effective it was. I spoke with holistic nutritionist Elissa Goodman to learn more about ginger's health benefits and why it's a great option for those who regularly experience bloating or digestive issues.


There's a reason why your mum might have offered you a ginger ale and some saltines when you said you had a stomach ache during your younger years. The root's ability to ease an upset stomach is pretty incredible. According to Goodman it's the perfect option for those with digestive issues, “Ginger is incredibly soothing to your digestive system. Whether you have nausea, some sort of discomfort or pain, or even just gas, ginger can help to calm things down within your digestive system.” Outside of its ability to soothe your stomach, Goodman says that it's also a great anti-inflammatory and can help boost immunity thanks to its bacteria-fighting properties. That means that if you feel yourself getting sick, adding some ginger to your diet could alleviate your symptoms quickly. On top of tackling digestive issues and boosting immunity, Goodman also shares that the root can be used to soothe sore muscles and calm red skin if consumed regularly. Sounds like this miracle root can do just about anything, right?

In terms of consuming ginger there are a few options. Eating it or drinking it is great. Feel free to ask for an extra serving of ginger next time you go out for sushi, or try brewing a ginger tea in the morning or at night. Every morning before my workouts, I peel and chop about a half of an inch of ginger and throw it in a pot and wait for it to boil. Then I turn it down and let simmer for about ten minutes before adding some fresh-squeezed lemon juice. The combination of ingredients slowly wakes up my digestive system and sets me up for success throughout the day. You can also buy pre-packaged ginger tea. Although, Goodman does acknowledge that it's best to make fresh ginger tea if you have the time. If you don't love the taste of ginger, you can also take ginger supplements. However, there's a chance the supplement can interact with other medications that you're taking so it's best to contact your doctor before adding this to your routine.


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