5 Wellness Trends That Are Big in Germany (Yes, Really)

Daniel Stuhlfarrer

Germany is a bustling wellnessВ hub. I know, you probably don't believe me. But while Sydney and Los Angeles-the more obvious wellness meccas-are known for their perma-tanned and super-toned residents, the people of Germany have long been fans of natural beauty. Recently, they have been searching out ways to boost their wellness at home (because their weather can be as changeable as ours).

In fact, the search on Pinterest for "home spa ideas" has tripled in Germany in the last year. It's really not so unlikely when you know that the European countryВ is the birthplace of naturopathic treatments, and natural brands Dr. Hauschka and Weleda were founded there. We called on Berlin-based Ju Schneeberger, a Pinterest tastemaker and blogger-her website juyogi.comВ is a hub of yoga, mindfulness, beauty and nutrition content-to find out what's trending in wellness there.

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The Home Spa Trend

While here in the UK we've been all over the concept of hygge, in Germany it hasn't made the news in quite the same way. "In Germany, we have our own hygge, which is called gemГјtlichkeit, so this is maybe why hygge has not been the biggest trend over here," explains Schneeberger.

Whatever you call it, Germans are after some ways to embrace a more relaxed vibe at home.В On Pinterest in Germany, searches for "home spa ideas" are on the up, and Schneeberger puts this down to a couple of key factors. "First, you don't always have a spa around the corner to go to. Second, it's mostly quite expensive, especially when you go regularly," she tells Byrdie UK.

"Personally, I feel that there are so many great products and possibilities to create a spa-like atmosphere at home. With a cup of tea, a great book, some candles or just a beauty night in with your best friend and your favourite Netflix show. The most important thing is that you feel relaxed and are able to clear your head from your everyday routine."

The absolute key elements that make up a good home spa day? "Switching off your cell phone, lighting candles and relaxing," she notes.

At-Home Spa Ideas

We put it to Schneeberger to share the at-home spa ideas that she loves to do on the regular.

YinYoga is my everyday ritual and helps me maintain my inner balance. I can get away from everything and bring my body and soul at ease.

Eco Beauty Focus

"When it comes to pampering, I try to exclusively use environment-friendly brands," says Schneeberger. "I like Weleda, especially the almond products.В Another great brand is Annemarie BГ¶rlind. Some smaller labels which I like are Stop the Water While Using Me, Najoba, Susanne Kaufmann, Exurbe, O'rightВ and Lavera," she lists.В

"In the morning, I simply rinse my face with water, no products. In the morning and evening, I use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+В (ВЈ30). In the shower and after the shower, I love products from Lush, especially the fragrance Karma Kream. Also, coconut oil is a fixed part of my beauty routine. I use it on my hair and lips."

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Even Hair and Makeup Are Natural

As with the wellness, on the whole, the approach to hair and makeup is just as natural over in Germany. "We love natural looks! When it comes to colour, there's a lot that can go wrong. Every woman who once tried to dye her hair herself at home, knows this. So for colouring, it's definitely smart to go to a professional hairdresser.

"Blonde is obviously the favourite hair colour in spring and summer. That's not surprising, but I feel that all kinds of different blonde shades are trending now like ash blonde or balayage. So there's a lot more room for new shades and experiments. Blonde in combination with a natural, classic haircut is my favourite look for the upcoming season. I see a lot of long, natural haircuts, but also mid-length seems to keep on trending this year.

"Makeup here seems to be heading back to the more natural, classic look. Personally I don't put on a lot of makeup during the day-I like to use pale shades and bronze powder. This looks especially great when you already have a little bit of a tan. A clean and even skin tone, some mascara and a little bit of blush make for a young, fresh and healthy complexion. Even after yoga, this look still lasts. Sometimes I will pimp it up with some glossy red lipstick,” says Schneeberger.

So it's safe to say when it comes to makeup, German women tend to steer clear of the typical Instagram looks that are still pretty popular here in the UK and in the U.S. So where do they look to for inspiration? "Of course there is a strong influence from America, but I also look to Australia or countries in the Pacific regions because they have a summery freshness all year around," she tells us.

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