These Photos of Frozen, Snow-Covered Eyelashes Are Actually Kind of Magical

Before we launch into discussing the crazy, eyelash-freezing winter weather, I have something to admit. I'm writing this from Los Angeles, where it's a balmy 64 degrees in January. I know, East-Coasters, I know. You're probably wondering at my cold-weather resolve and thinking I have no right to comment-especially since you've just experienced something ominously dubbed the "Bomb Cyclone." But I'm a Midwesterner, born and raised, and I've been through 22 frigid winters. So yes, I empathize and I understand.

While Midwest and East Coast winters don't scare me, Russian winters do. You see, according to Allure, people in Siberia have started sharing photos of their stark white, ice-covered eyelashes after going outside in negative-degree weather. Their lashes literally freeze into icy clumps. Though they leave us shivering, these photos are strangely beautiful to look at.

In the town of Yakutsk, Russia-which is technically in Siberia-winter temperatures have drooped as dangerously low as -88 degrees Fahrenheit this year. Yeah, 88, not 15. This Instagram user posted a photo of her eyelashes after being outside for 15 to 20 minutes in these temperatures. As you can see, her lashes and brows are covered in fine, bright white ice crystals. It's kind of reminiscent of the time Kylie Jenner wore white lashes as a part of her Halloween costume and surprised us all with an icy gaze.

If the previous image was nature's one or two coats of mascara, this one is the dramatic look. We honestly don't know how she's keeping her eyes open when her lashes are so weighed down by ice. Also, is anyone getting a Narnia vibe here? These ice-covered lashes look like a faux set that Tilda Swinton would wear as a part of her White Witch character.

While it's fantastical and alarming to see, it reminds us how important it is to take care of your lashes in the winter. After all, swiping on mascara, rubbing at it with a makeup wipe at the end of the day, and doing it all over again is a recipe for breakage and fallout. Instead, we like to use a gentle cleansing balm to remove makeup (something like Eve Lom's Cleanser, $80), and then we like to follow up with a conditioning oil or serum.

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This lash serum has organic medicinal herb extracts, lavender water, soy protein, and arginine to strengthen, condition, and hydrate lashes. It also promises to promote growth over time, which is nice for anyone who wishes they had a little more length in their lashes. If we're low on serum or we forgot to pack it in our carry-on, we like subbing in coconut oil, which is also super moisturizing (and doubles as a makeup remover).