These Korean Acne Patches Zap Blemishes Like No Other

Pimples come and go as they please. You can be following a 10-step skincare regimen and still wake up to a friend who decided to show up uninvited. Fortunately, there are products out there that'll make sure our pimple friends don't overstay their welcome. Mighty PatchВ from Hero Cosmetics is one of them. These Korean-inspired acne patches zap blemishes like no other, in a gentle yet effective way.

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You might be wondering: What exactly are these magical patches? The scenario sounds a little too good to be true for your skin, so you might be skeptical. But listen up: These things are the real deal. Created by Korean beauty expert Ju Rhyu, these patches were inspired by her trip to Korea when she discovered the popular use ofВ hydrocolloid patches. Hydrocolloid is an ingredient that essentially acts as a repellant, absorbing pus and fluid from your whitehead or inflamed area. These vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, drug-free patches don't use any harsh ingredients like parabens or sulfates, so even those with the most sensitive skin will feel safe trying them.В

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I've tried them and found it grossly satisfying to see the pus from my whitehead stick to the patch.В Ew, but yay, it worked. I have seriously sensitive skin, but I wore a patch overnight and woke up to a visibly flatter pimple. All you do is cleanse your skin and apply this to a clean, dry area. It feels gentle and provides a protective layer so I won't have the urge to touch my pimple.

Hero Cosmetics

I have a dark skin tone, so I love that these patches are clear and transparent. If I want to pop one on at my desk or during the day, there's not a glaring white dot on my face. The brand also says it's totally fine to wear this with makeup, as the patch has a matte finish created to blend right in.В

In short, you should definitely score one of these gems. Even if you are lucky enough to not be dealing with a pimple right now, keep these convenient patches in your back pocket to greet them the next time one creeps up. After your test-drive, if you're feeling acne patches, ahead are a few others we can vouch for.В

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These pads containВ hydrocolloid with salicylic acid to fight bacteria and de-clog pores. Each pad is also infused with soothing vitamin A to calm any sign of irritation.В

Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots With Salicylic Acid $22Shop

This gel-based formula is full of acne-fighting ingredients to banish pimples and soothe inflamed areas of the skin.В

CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch $6Shop

If you're dealing with dark spots from acne scars, pop one of these waterproof patches on. They have healing benefits while also working to extract gunk from your pores.В

Acne Care Pimple Spot Patch Absorbing Cover With Tea Tree & Calendula Oil $9Shop

Using all-natural, healthy ingredients like tea tree oil and calendula oil, these pimple fighters will get the job done without leaving behind harsh side effects like a rash.В