Rihanna's Mattemoiselle Plush Lipstick Collection Launches Next Week

With lipstick trending on Pinterest, Sephora's debut of a new lip line, and Kylie Jenner's new cream shades, it's safe to say that lipstick is having a moment. It's always popular, but this season it seems that new lip products are popping up everywhere.

But we're here to talk about the most recent lipstick news. It comes from Fenty Beauty, Rihanna's namesake company. About a week ago, both Rihanna and the official brand took to social media to drop a short clip announcing 14 new matte cream lipsticks. The shades are inclusive of all skin tones and shade preference. They range from rosy-nude tones to forest green, lilac purple, and periwinkle blue. The best part is that we don't have long to wait. All 14 shades launch next week on December 26.

In case you missed it last week, this video was posted along with the caption, "14 new @fentybeauty lipstick shades coming right up!! #MATTEMOISELLE drops online at 9am EST on Dec. 26 Be first in line."

First off, we must say that Mattemoiselle is an amazing name for a line of matte lipsticks. Second, that packaging is gorgeous (but what else did we expect from fashion and beauty icon, Rihanna?). It resembles that of the lipsticks in Fenty Beauty's holiday collection, the Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick ($19), though with a white top instead of black. They also have a similar mirrored bullet, though these are a neutral pink color instead of the galactic holographic color of the previous.

All 14 shades look smooth and creamy with bold and fully opaque finishes. If her other products are any indication (like her Stunna Liquid Lip Paint($24), these matte formulas will deliver. Keep scrolling to see each and every shade of these new Fenty lipsticks.

This one is called "Freckle Fiesta" and it's a Terracotta red-orange.В

"YA DIG?!" is a light-hearted periwinkle blue.

"Up 2 No Good" is a peachy-beige tone.

This dusty rose color is called "Spanked."

"Shawty" is decribed as a warm chestnut color.

"SAW-C" is a bright and vivid tangerine shade.

"Single" is a blush nude.В

This shade, "PMS," is a rich brown tone.

"One Of The Boyz" is a true lilac color.

"Midnight Wasabi" is dark green.

"Griselda" is burgundy.

"MA 'DAMN"В is a dark cherry-red shade.В

"Clapback" is a true navy blue color.

"Candy Venom" is hot pink.

We're sure these will be super buzzy and will likely sell out on launch day. After all, like we've said before, lipstick is having a major moment right now (more so than usual). Plus, it's Rihanna we're talking about. If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on this makeup collection, head to Sephora or Fenty Beauty's website on December 26. They all drop at 9 a.m. exactly, so be ready.

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