4 Editors Try Fenty Beauty Chill Owt Holiday Collection

When Rihanna launches a new Fenty Beauty collection, you take notice. There hasn't been a single drop we haven't fallen in love with, from her groundbreaking foundation shades and golden, shimmery Body Lava to every single highlighter she's gifted into existence. The woman knows her stuff. So we were equally as blissful and, let's face it, shrieky when her latest collection came out.

Chill Owt, the brand's holiday collection, is a mash-up of every metallic, frosted, and smoldering product you've ever wished for but couldn't quite find. The execution is perfect, allowing for nudes, pinks, and iridescent options to reside right next to bolder shades like cobalt, lavender, and slate gray. There's certainly something for everyone, and the looks you can create are practically endless. So we tried them all out and each created our own full face of Fenty. Below, see our looks.

Faith Xue, Editorial Director

Faith Xue

"There's something about cool blues, deep purples, and any shade that can be described as 'icy' that resonates with me on a deep spiritual level. Fenty's entire holiday collection contains solely shades in this color family, which further secures my belief that Rihanna and I would be best friends if we just had the opportunity to be the only ones in a room for an extended period of time (not creepy).

"I love a bold eye, so I grabbed the Metallic Eye + Lip Crayon in Igloo Blue ($27) and traced it along my lid, blending up to about a third of the way up. I love how easy the pencil was to use. It's thin enough where you can be precise with the shape you're creating but not too chubby where you don't have control. I added a bit of gold shimmer in the inner corners of my eyes with Banana Frost and then dabbed the slightest bit of the Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set ($69) in Glacier Gang right into my crease to add a smokier dimension. I was surprised that the powder applied more matte than metallic, but in direct sunlight, there was definitely a metallic glint. It was just subtler than I would expect from a powder dubbed metallic. To be honest, I think I preferred it. These pencils do say they're meant for the lip as well as the eye, but I was dubious. I swiped Parka Princess ($27), a rose-gold shade, on my lips and was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it applied. In fact, it ended up being my favorite part of the look. I'd probably wear the metallic rosy shade on its own or use the same shade on my eyes next time for a monochrome effect. Overall though, these Eye + Lip Crayons were ridiculously easy to use and the shades are essential to take you through the holiday season. RiRi kills it again (and again and again… )."

Fenty Beauty Metallic Eye + Lip Crayon Set in Frost Money $39 $27Shop

Maya Allen, Assistant Editor

Maya Allen

"Leave it to RiRi to be responsible for this rare lilac moment. I've been very inspired by her recent Instagram blessing of #TutorialTuesdays-thisВ lavender look,В in particular. She said it bestВ in describing this frosty shade called Scandal'ice: 'Not too much drama, but it's still DRAMA.' Yes! I can go on and on about how she's my spirit animal, but you're not reading this for that. Moving on, Fenty Beauty's global makeup artist Priscilla Ono always repurposesВ the products and uses them in innovative ways. Case in point:В TheВ Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter PaletteВ ($38) shades will look just as good as eye shadow. I used my finger to sweep this shade all over my lid. Blending felt like a literal breeze. It took me less than three minutes to create such a vivid eye look. Then, I used my ring finger to tap the same lavender shade along the high points of my cheekbones. To tie everything together, I applied my favorite nude lipstick adorned with the shimmery gold shadeВ Frost SauceВ ($25) for a touch of sparkle. I feel feisty, and it's Wednesday afternoon. I think that's a good sign."

Fenty Beauty Frosted Metal Lipstick Set in Snow Nights $36 $25Shop

Hallie Gould, Senior Editor

Hallie Gould

"I'd never been really big into 'holiday' makeup looks. The clichГ© of it all kind of turned me off. That being said, I have entirely changed my thought process with the advent of otherworldly, shimmery, alien-esque collections likeВ that of Fenty Beauty. The products are cool, not cheesy, and they offer up something different than red lipstick and gold glitter.

"I started out with theВ Metallic Eye + Lip Crayon inВ Parka Princess ($27), expecting only to use it on my eyelids. It imparted the most beautiful, glowy, slightly sheer rose-gold finish that looked metallic and cool against my pale skin tone. Then, I loved it so much I got a bit carried away and went in on my lips. I thought it'd be a fresh take on the monochromatic look to do it up in festive sheens. Halfway through lining my lips, I was really excited. Maybe I am into holiday makeup, after all, IВ thought to myself. To add more glitz, I lined the inner corners of my eyes with theВ Metallic Eye + Lip Crayon in Slush Fund ($27), a metallic blue-gray that made my eyes look brighter and more intense. Then, because I was having so much fun, I also lined my Cupid's bow with the same pencil."

Fenty Beauty Metallic Eye + Lip Crayon Set in Frost Bunny $39Shop

Lindsey Metrus, Managing Editor

Lindsey Metrus

"Instead of carefully swatching and testing each product from Fenty's Chill Owt line to test for my holiday *lewk*, I just opened each component and let the shades speak to me. Ultimately, I went withВ All-Over Metallic Powder Set in Raspberry Rave ($99) applied with my middle finger on my lids and Spanked on my lips. I was immediately impressed by both products. While loose powder seems intimidating, it blends beautifully and the color payoff is intense (which is exactly what I was hoping for), and Spanked is an incredibly creamy, super-pigmented rusty-rose shade that somehow made my lips look fuller than they actually are. To bring everything together, I applied Chillz from theВ Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette ($54) palette in the inner corner of my eyes, just beneath my brows, on my Cupid's bow, and on the center of my lips. The final look was a bit '80s, especially when paired with my oversize red turtleneck, but I was into it. Besides, Fenty can do no wrong."

Fenty Beauty Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set $99 $69ShopFenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette $54 $38Shop

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