#ByrdieBedside: The Essential Products Influencers Keep on Their Nightstand

Ally May Hayward

We've always been, unsurprisingly, fascinated by what constitutes a good night's sleep-from techniques for falling asleep quickly, to what wakes us up during the night. Now, we're turning attention to our bedside tables; transforming your bedroom into a calm, beautiful sanctuary for sleep is a step that's often overlooked when overhauling your nighttime routine.В

For inspiration, we reached out to two of our favourite Australian creative influencers, Ally May HaywardВ and Rachel James, to tell us about which products they keep on their bedside table for sweeter slumbers. Common themes are beautiful books (no smartphones or tablets allowed), lush indoor plants, and, of course, candles. Aromatherapy, relaxation and sleep have long been linked, which means that a candle or two on your bedside does more than just look good.В

Finding a scent that relaxes you is a personal experience, much like choosing perfume. For spring bedsides, we're looking for unique fragrance combinations like those in ECOYA's new range-Spiced Ginger & Musk makes the room feel warm, cosy, and moody, while Blue Cypress & AmberВ is fresh, clean, and reminiscent of crisp white laundry.

Keep scrolling to find out how both women curate their bedside spaces and you can also read bothВ Hayward's and James'sВ full posts on their respective blogs.В

Ally May Hayward of Substance Blog

Ally May Haward

"I love retreating to my bed when I need some me time. When it comes to my bedside table, I keep things very simple; a minimal approach has preconditioned me for a relaxed mind. I try and do all my evening skincare before I get into bed, so I don't need to have those products there, taking up room. I do, however, keep hand cream at the ready, as I love applying this just before I sleep. These days, my bedside table only hosts my essentials. I clean it off almost daily so there is no build up of items.

"Before I get into all my essentials, allow me address the book stack because it takes up the most space on my bedside table: I make it a point to read before I sleep. And my night time ritual at the moment is to burn the ECOYA candle while reading."

Ally's Essentials

Ally May Hayward

ECOYA Candle: It smells divine.

Books: A few of my favourites at the moment.

Lavender Essential Oil: My friend Karissa gave this to me recently as I have had trouble sleeping. Lavender can help calm the mind and body almost instantly. But perhaps its most useful benefit is its ability to help treat insomnia. It's so calming and I love using it.

Some Greenery: Oxygen and because; pretty.

Lip Balm andВ Hand Cream: Apply before sleeping.

Glass of Water: Hydration is so important.

Rachel James

Rachel James

"My bed is possibly my most favourite place in the world, and sleeping is one of my very favourite activities. For the longest time, I didn't have a bedside table, instead using a stack of magazines, which isn't very practical. I love this simple bedside table from IKEA, which has enough space for all my bedside essentials."

Rachel's Essentials

Rachel James

Beauty Products:В Right now I'm loving Go-To Skincare, especially theВ hand cream, face oil, and lip balm. My lips get very dry, so I always need to have lip balm on hand on my bedside table to be able to apply before I go to sleep.

Makeup Wipes:В For those nights when I'm too lazy to remove my makeup properly, these Philosophy wipesВ are perfect.

Jewellery Dishes:В This little pottery bowl handmade by my lovely sister-in-law is perfect for putting my rings in before bed.

Flowers:В I love these cotton blooms as they don't need water, they don't die, and they always look beautiful.

Candle:В The scent of this ECOYA candleВ is divine even when it's not lit.

Lamp:В My husband and I bought this lamp as a joint Christmas present to each other a few years ago, but it's spent the majority of its time on my bedside table, oops.

Book:В I like to have a book on hand to flick through if I can't sleep.В This beautiful book about flowers is perfect as it won't keep me awake, unlike the thrillers I usually like to read.В