How to Work Out, Based on Apple's New Sports Emojis

When Apple announces it's set to release new emojis, we quite often lose our minds. Whether that's because they're more diverse or just added avocado (best. day. ever), there's always plenty to celebrate when a new load rolls out. This time, we're happy about the fact that Apple has made the sports emoji more diverse and included many more women.

Now we'll be able to see women playing basketball, running, swimming and cycling-to name but a few of the energetic new icons. To honor this exciting expansion on our smartphones, and because we KNOW you'll already have a favorite, we decided to pick the five we're loving in the Byrdie office right now and show you how to work out according to the emoji.В You know, just in case you're done with Pokemon Go already.

Keep scrolling to see which emojis are our favorites and how to work out according to said emoji.


Team Sports

Best for:В If you hate working out by yourself and you want to be social at the same time.

Health benefits:В Other than a decent aerobic workout, you might find it helps you de-stress, as well as giving you better communication skillsВ by learning to work in a team.

How to do it:В There are plenty of team sports you could try but for starters, why not give netball a go? There are plenty of resources to find your local club, such as this fromВ englandnetball.co.uk.



Best for:В Those who like meditative exercise and want to burn calories fast.

Health benefits: As water is denser than air,В there's more resistanceВ so you'll burn calories faster.В It's also great if you're suffering from an injury or something like arthritis, as the water helps support you (always consult your doctor first, however). It's also thought to help depression as well.

How to do it:В Locate your nearest swimming pool.



Best for:В Want to get outdoors but hate running? Cycling is your jam.

Health benefits:В How do we count the ways? There are so many. From muscle strength (think of the hills!) to decreasing body fat levels, there are myriad reasons to get on your bike.

How to do it: Bicycling.comВ is a fantastic resource for any budding (and experienced) cyclists. You don't need all the fancy cycling sportswear but a bicycle would help. This buyer's guideВ is particularly useful.



Best for: If you hate running, it's probably not a good idea to take it up. But if you don't like running by yourself, you can always join a running club (more on that below).

Health benefits:В Where do we start?В It makes you happier, strengthens your knees, and can keep your mind sharp.

How to do it: Other than getting a decent pair of running shoes, just throw on a T-shirt and pair of leggings and you're off. There are some brilliant (and free) apps that help, though: Nike Running App, Couch to 5K,В and StravaВ all come recommended and are great for various abilities. If you want to run with others, it's worth finding your local running club; use this toolВ to help.


Weight Lifting

Best for:В Dropping a dress size, building lean, toned muscle, and great for runners.

Health benefits: The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn!

Best for:В Dropping a dress size, building lean, toned muscle, and great for runners.

Health benefits: The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn!

Take exercise to the next level by turbocharging your workout with these PT-approved tips.